QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About Your Own House

Home is the best thing for every human being to have on this planet. We have spouse, kids, parents, and a lot and lot of things which we take care everyday in our house. From a TV remote to Bed, and tollboxes to Cupboard, we see them everyday.

But do you really pay attention to everything you use daily in your house? I don’t think so. If you are confident about the same, let’s take this small quiz round to find out how handy you are in your own house.

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  • What is the thing that holds up your Ceiling fan?

    House Quiz 1
    • Romex cable
    • The electrical wires
    • Magnetic force
    • A mounting bracket
  • You must never let your pipes freeze. Why is it dangerous?

    House Quiz 2
    • They could burst and cause flooding
    • NoIt will cause corrosion of copper pipes
    • It’s not really dangerous, just inconvenient
    • You could run out of water
  • What is the use of that Red Cord on Garage door ?

    House Quiz 3
    • Its for emergency release
    • It resets the gears
    • It activates the self-cleaning function
    • It is of no use
  • How could you dispose old paint permanently?

    House Quiz 4
    • There’s no way to get rid of it
    • Seal the lid and throw it in the trash
    • Pour it down the drain
    • Recycle it at an approved drop-off location
  • Why do we need a pilot hole?

    House Quiz 5
    • It prevents measurement errors
    • Its clean drilling practice for beginners
    • There’s no use of pilot holes now
    • It prevents wood cracking under screw pressure
  • To tighten a screw, which way you must turn it?

    House Quiz 6
    • Depends on the continent
    • To the left
    • To the right
    • Both way is ok
  • What is the use of wooden mallet ?

    House Quiz 7
    • For Hammering nails
    • As an alternative of Iron hammer
    • Tapping a chisel for leverage
    • Practicing hammer swings
  • Do you know what is PEX?

    House Quiz 8
    • Its a hot water tubing
    • Its a special plumbing wrench
    • Its a Flexible plastic piping
  • Why do we need to sweat a pipe?

    House Quiz 9
    • To allow condensation on cold water pipes
    • To fit copper pipes together with solder
    • To flush the pipe with drain cleaner
    • To improperly install it
  • We need a hacksaw to cut what?

    House Quiz 10
    • Metal
    • Plastic
    • Leather
    • Wood


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