10 Most Popular Historical Events That Never Happen

10 Most Popular Historical Events That Never Actually Happened

We all are curious about history and we want to know about it more and more. History can sometimes amaze our brain to a different level.

There are many people who are die-hard fans of history. While many of us keep reading books to know more about it and believe things that are said to us in the first place, but here’s a catch.

Most of the events told to us aren’t true. They are some made up stories to make the past look alluring and breathtaking. In this article, we are going to discuss the 10 most popular historical events that didn’t actually happen.

To all those who are wondering about the events that have been told to us was a beautiful lie that is mentioned below.

Einstein Never Failed Math:

When it comes to Einstein we believe everything blindfolded because he was like an ideal to most of us. There’s this rumor circling around all over the internet for quite a time that he was a genius and Nobel prize winner in physics and he failed mathematics but that ain’t true on the contrary he never failed mathematics and he mastered differential and integral calculus by the age of 15.

He was a scholar in mathematics. About the rumor, it came into the air from Switzerland wherein one of the tests he got 1 on the scale of 1 to 6 which was supposedly the good grade but shortly after that 6 started to be considered as the good grades. That’s the reason why this rumor started.

Pocahontas and John Smith Didn’t Have a Love Story:

10 Most Popular Historical Events That Never Actually Happened_2

You must have listened to this that John Smith and Pocahontas had a beautiful love story. But on the contrary, it is all just myth. They did meet when he was captured and shared each other’s native language. John Smith was 27 years old while Pocahontas was 11 years old. There was no love story between them.

There was no War of the World’s Hysteria

10 Most Popular Historical Events That Never Actually Happened_3

There was this myth about alien invasion which was showcased on one of the famous television show just to grab attention. But it was so real that people started believing the show. But on the contrary, that wasn’t true. It was just showcased to involve listeners.

Nero wasn’t playing a Fiddle while Rome was burning:

10 Most Popular Historical Events That Never Actually Happened_4

You must have heard about this rumor that Nera was playing the fiddle while Rome was burning but this Wasn’t true. Those who had done research on this don’t come up to perfect conclusion but the thing which is crystal clear he wasn’t playing fiddle because at that time fiddle was not even invented.

Walt Disney’s body isn’t Cryogenically Frozen

10 Most Popular Historical Events That Never Actually Happened_5

This rumor circled around for very long where it had been said that when the famous animator Walt Disney died. His body was cryogenically frozen to bring dead back to life. But the news was completely irrational said by his own daughter. In reality, he was cremated after his death.

An Apple didn’t fall on Isaac Newton’s head

10 Most Popular Historical Events That Never Actually Happened_6

Newton’s apple story is famous all across the globe but do you know it was a made-up story. In reality, he saw the apple falling on the ground in his mother’s garden and then he started working on it. Then came up with a formula.

People were not jumping out of windows after the 1929 stock market crash

It has been said that after the crash of 1929 people started jumping out of a window because they lost a huge amount of money. But in reality indeed the crashing period was depressing one and the man who started this rumor saw one man jumping out of his hotel room but it was way before the crashing of the stock market.

300 Spartans weren’t alone while holding Thermopylae

10 Most Popular Historical Events That Never Actually Happened_7

The rumor was 300 Spartans were defending Thermopylae from a vast Persian army for 3 days. It was true that 300 Spartans were there to protect the city but they were not alone they were supported by different allies.

A cow didn’t start the Great Chicago Fire of 1871

10 Most Popular Historical Events That Never Actually Happened_8

One of the famous myths on our list is the great Chicago fire was caused by a cow. The cow hit the lantern when the woman was milking her. But it was not at all true the woman who was supposedly blamed for milking cow confirmed that she never milked the cow in the evening and she was sleeping at that time.

The Trojan Horse Never Existed

10 Most Popular Historical Events That Never Actually Happened_9

The myth was greeks build this wooden horse as a winning trophy for the trojans. The Trojans pulled the horse in their city, as the gate opened greeks crept out and destroyed everything. But the truth is a wooden horse is just a fable. There was no evidence of it.

The Vikings didn’t switch the names of Greenland and Iceland on purpose

10 Most Popular Historical Events That Never Actually Happened_10

The myth was Viking on purpose changed the name of Iceland and Greenland just to keep people away from good things but in reality, there is no such thing. Iceland got its name from Viking whose daughter drowned there. Greenland got its name from Erik the Red who was banished from the land.

This is all the truth about all the myths we read so far. I hope you like it.  let us know what you all feel about it.

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