15 Things When a Self Respecting Woman Will Never Compromise

15 Things A Self Respecting Woman Will Never Compromise On

When a woman loves and respects herself she doesn’t compromise with herself and with the products she uses. Inexpensive items are not only good for self-esteem but for health too. It’s better to spend more money than to lower your standards and health.

For example, a cheap makeup product can create some problems, a cheap mattress can ruin your posture and cheap food can make you unhealthy which can lead to more expenses. So it is better to spend a little money in the beginning than to spend it on making it good.

We at Readersbash made a list of some ordinary things that any self-respecting woman will not do to save money. Let’s take a look.

Drinking Water

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Clean water is important and must. Drinking tap water that hasn’t been boiled is dangerous and harmful. So avoid drinking unhealthy and filthy water from anywhere and but a proper bottle of mineral water.

Good Quality Desserts

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Desserts, chocolates, and women go together. Women love chocolates and sweets, they like to treat themselves with the same but store and local shop-bought things are neither healthy nor hygienic.

Cutting sweets from your life is not easy, so avoid eating unhygienic and cheap pastries and sweets rather buy from some reputed shop that provides healthy and high-quality cake and sweets.

Thermal Underwear

15 Things When a Self Respecting Woman Will Never Compromise

Thermal underwear is the best. They don’t look vulgar and cheap but look classic. It will not only make you look cool but they keep us warm in winters. Thermal underwear is the long term investment in beauty and health. The model depends upon the needs:

  • If you have a less active lifestyle then you must choose heat-saving underwear made of wool and fleece.
  • Moisture absorbing models are best for people who do a lot of physical activities.
  • And mixed options are best for city life.
    You should choose the perfect size for you for more benefits.

Hair Dying

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Hair dying is in trend these days. So take care while dying your hair. Besides using a cheap quality dye that is harmful to the scalp and skin use a good quality dye for better and healthy results. Hairs are an important part of your beauty. So avoid going to a beginner or someone who isn’t much experienced because they can destroy your hairs too or you might regret later after seeing the results rather go to an expert, ask for all the details and then go for dying for better and best results.

Hand Care

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Hands are delicate and the hands of a woman should be delicate and soft. Well-groomed and soft hands show how much a woman takes care of herself. Your hands show how much you care about yourself.

Taking care of hands is a must. You just can’t avoid your hands and you must not think of saving your money. Grooming your hands doesn’t only include using a proper and expensive cream but taking proper care and precautions like using gloves for cleaning and protection from the cold. Also, avoid too much cold water and too much hot water as washing your hands with them can lead to cracks in your hands.

Good and Comfortable Mattress

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A good and comfortable mattress is a must for a great posture of our body. A poorly chosen mattress can cause chronic pain and fatigue. It can also lead to poor posture. Manufacturers and doctors suggest changing bed sheets every 8 years because it becomes too soft and saggy which ruins your body posture. Tips to buy a proper mattress:

  • Neither too soft nor too hard, your mattress should be semi-firm.
  • A mattress made of memory foam is best and comfortable if you don’t have trouble sleeping. And a little firm mattress will be best if you keep tossing and turning while sleeping.

A Phone Case

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A phone case is a must. Don’t try to save your money on this accessory. People can easily see and observe how it looks, a dirty and outdated cover can lower your standard. So, don’t even think of saving money on this product. Also, nowadays a wide range of mobile covers are available in the market, you can go and choose the best for you.

The best you can do is keep a stock of phone cases and use each case with the matching dress.

Toilet Paper

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It’s better to use a good and comfortable toilet paper than to use a low-quality uncomfortable one. And wait, the price difference between the two is also not much. Low-quality toilet paper is neither comfortable nor useful. It contains harmful additives that can cause allergy or dermatitis. So take care of your health and from next time buy a little expensive and healthy toilet paper.

Makeup Foundation

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When it comes to makeup a self-aware woman just can’t comprise it. Makeup is important and you should not spend less on this thing. Avoid using low-quality products and start using quality products because they give better results. A cheap foundation is unhealthy and harmful to your skin. It can clog pores and make your skin too oily.

So why compromise with your face? Why take any risk?  Go for high quality, good makeup foundation for increasing your complexion and to protect your skin from harmful substances present in low-quality foundations.


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Tattoos last forever with you, so before getting inked it’s better to be aware of all the things about it.

1. Go to a reputed and good tattoo parlor.
2. The tattoo parlor should have a medical book with them.
3. They should use good quality, original and certified consumables. High-quality dyes are brighter and last longer than low-quality dye.

Also, before getting a permanent tattoo, go for a temporary one first so that you can be comfortable with the new look

Tampons and Sanitary Napkins

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You can compromise with anything but with your hygiene? Never. Especially female hygiene is a must. Always use tampons and sanitary napkins of good brands because using cheap and low-quality sanitary napkins and tampons can lead to many diseases and also they are not comfortable.

Professional Photos

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Taking selfies and quick photos are okay but don’t skimp on good quality photo sessions. A professional photographer will make you look even more beautiful, classy and he will capture you fully not just face. So why not go for photo sessions regularly.

We hope this article is useful to you. Tell us in the comment section if you liked this or not.

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