Why Quiet Love is Best
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Why Quiet Love Is the Best – 5 Reasons to Prove

Do you ever think why almost 88% of couples don’t end up being together? Only 12% of couples stay together for more than 20 years. What can be the possible reason behind it? Why they don’t end up together?

According to research, those couples who succeed in their relationships have similar brain activity like new lovers. And the secret is only calm and quiet love lasts longer.

We at Readersbash believe that the secret to a long-lasting relationship is that it requires efforts and calmness and in conclusion, quiet love is the love that lasts. To know why, read the full article.

Quiet love equals a healthy and safe environment.

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Researcher Aaron proved that couples who last long and are calmly romantic had brain activity similar to the people who are newly in love. The secret for a long-lasting relationship is calm, where they don’t violate each other boundaries, where they understand each other, where they don’t lose their temper, where they can stay patient with each other by creating a healthy and safe environment.

Wait! Don’t mistake Quiet love for Dull and stagnant love.

Quiet isn’t boring, quiet isn’t dull, quiet isn’t stagnant but quite is stable, quiet is everlasting, quite is CALM.

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Researcher Aaron says calm relationships are free of negative feelings such as jealousy, insecurity and anxiety and what can be better than this?  Quiet love doesn’t mean a lack of butterflies or exciting emotions rather it means the stability of emotions.

You can still feel butterflies in your belly, you can feel romantic but quiet love is more staying safe and comfortable.

Without trust Quiet love isn’t possible.

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Trust is the key to a healthy relationship. Without trust, a relationship is just nothing. Where there is trust, there is calm. Trust is where you agree to stay together no matter what, where you never hurt each other. Calm comes from transparency, understanding, emotional support, and respect, without these a relationship isn’t possible.

Quiet love is Romantic, Okay.

Why Quiet Love is Best

Quiet love is ROMANTIC.

It’s everlasting, it’s full of love and respect and full of love means it is full of romance. Researcher Aaron Ben Zeev described for psychology today that we need to understand the difference between romantic intensity and acuity. Passion and desires are brief and for a short time while acuity lasts longer.

So, don’t mistake quiet love for boring and dull love because it is not. Quiet love is long-lasting and stable.

Calmness is a new excitement.

In this era of modern love full of excitement, dating apps, social media show-off, and fast relationships, calm and quiet love is precious, it is a new excitement. The people who love calmly without any negative thoughts are the best and they make the best and lasting couple as well.

Calm’s love is deep and profound. In this world full of social media showoff, calm and quiet love is the need. It can survive hardships and obstacles.

Do you too believe calmness is the secret of everlasting relationships and happy couples? If yes, then share your thoughts with us.

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