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5 Amazing Things That Happen to Your Body If You Eat Almonds Daily

Almonds are rich in fats, fibers, protein, magnesium and vitamin E.

Eating Almonds daily is no doubt beneficial to you. They can be a lifesaver and it reduces the risk of cancer, heart diseases, and blood pressure. Almonds also reduce hunger and help in weight loss.

A study by “The American Heart association” reveals that low nut consumption leads to various cardiovascular diseases. Among all the nuts, almonds are the best not only in taste but for health too.

Today, here I have gathered 5 amazing changes happen to the body if a person eats almonds on a daily basis. Let’s check it out.

It Reduces Acne.

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Are you tired of finding out the cure to treat acne? Don’t worry! It’s right here in your kitchen i.e., almonds. Eating Almonds daily reduces acne and pimples and it is a traditional cure. According to a study, people with severe acne problems have less than 9% vitamin E in their bloodstream and Almonds are rich in vitamin E and antioxidants that help to cure acne and other skin pimples.

It Helps to Treat Diabetes.

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Another benefit of eating almonds is that it helps to treat diabetic patients.

A study showed that patients suffering from type 2 diabetes are likely to improve physically by eating almonds every day. Almonds not only reduce bad cholesterol but also contribute to the reduction of blood sugar levels.

Diabetic patients! Eat almonds and get rid of your diabetes.

It Helps to Recover From Giving Birth.

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Women after giving birth become so weak. So, women eat almonds after giving birth to their baby to recover quickly and to avoid stretch marks. And in India, it’s an old tradition to eat almonds to improve intestinal flow and gain energy. Also, Almonds are a source of strength and power.

It Might Make Your Baby Smarter

Almonds are most beneficial to children. It helps in improving the mind. The most important and common benefit of almonds is that it helps in improving brain activity.

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Having 74 grams of almonds in a week makes a baby smarter and healthier.

Also, a study shows that kids whose mothers ate almonds at the time of pregnancy have much higher IQ comparatively.

So, all the mothers out there make sure your child eats almonds daily.

Raw, soaked or roasted almonds which are best?

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According to Ayurvedic medicine, both raw almonds and roasted almonds have the same nutrients and the same benefits.

Also, soaking almonds overnight and peeling them before eating reduces the tannin levels and hence that too is beneficial for students as well as everyone else.

These were just a few benefits of almonds from a long list. You must be familiar with all these benefits if you eat almonds daily. Eat almonds daily and stay healthy and wise!

How do you eat almonds – raw, roasted or soaked? Did you felt or experienced any change in your body? If yes, then tell us in the comment section.

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