7 Signs A Person Loves You_Secretly
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7 Secret Signs Of A Person Having Crush On You

If you see any of these signs in a person around you, you must know he secretly loves you.

A person can hide anything but his feelings, never. What is inside appears on the outside. Be it hate, love, joy, sadness, everything is clearly visible in the eyes. As Tony Montana quote says – “The eyes chico, they never lie.”

You don’t need to wait for a person for the confirmation of love, you just need to observe keenly the one you doubt of being in love with you. It says it all!

Today we have compiled some serious confessions from various lovers around us to know how they reveal or show their feelings to the one they love. And the most common answer is that most people behave weird and unconscious in front of their lovers. By saying ‘weird’ i meant some signs such as:

You Can’t Control Your Smile

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  • As soon as a forsaken lover’s love shows up he/she can’t help but blush and smile all the time unconsciously at just a sight. They can’t help it. So, blushing or smiling constantly is a sign of love.
  • In a group of people, while laughing on a joke, watch the person looking at someone continuously, he/she definitely likes him/her. Try observing and watch the result.

The Two Types Of Person In Love:

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  • The first type of person who’s in love always looks out for ways to talk, to share feelings, to get close to the person he loves, be it a touch or a mistaken bump into the other person casually just to initiate a conversation or to be a friend.
  • The second type of person who’s in love always tries to avoid the person they like, just to avoid their feelings and emotions. Sometimes, they even use rude or harsh words or behaves rudely just to cover it all up and hide their true self. They usually do the opposite of what the other person does. Maybe they are too shy or maybe they don’t wish to express their love to the other person. For example, if the person they love goes inside then he/she will surely go outside.

So there is the same reason why a person avoids or tries to come in touch with you.

The Eye is Always On Target

7 Signs A Person Loves You Secretly

A person in love always keeps an eye on the person he/she admires. He/she never miss even a single opportunity seeing him/her. They pay attention to even the nano details of their friends, their family, the colour of their clothes or shoes, their vehicle or their favourite things. Mostly the one-sided lovers never miss a chance because something is always better than nothing.

The Two Versions of Conversation

  • Love changes a person. A person immediately and unexpectedly changes his natural way of talking, his tone, he may turn into one characteristic of a poet or a writer or a philosopher or a journalist and if you’re the lucky one he/she may turn into a comedian too.
  • An ordinary confident person turns into a shy person, a knowledgeable person turns into a stupid and dumb person without any knowledge. That’s what love does, it makes people different.

They Talk About You With Others

  • People always love talking about the one they like. They find a way to talk about them – their minute details, their way of talking, their way of walking they can talk about anything to their friends or close ones. Once they start, hours can go in talking about them. Even if they hear the name of the person they like in any company’s meeting or conference they join it casually and quickly.
  • There are some people who don’t accept their feelings, who are not expressive, who deny their emotions. Such people always end up speaking negatively about the person they like, they make others believe that they are not in love just to avoid their heart. They end up saying some really rude words for the other one. For eg. “Luke is such an idiot” or “Jane is stupid”.
  • And the other thing is during a conversation lovelorn tend to find similarities in them. They keep finding something similar in both of them. They may say- “I and Jake love watching FRIENDS” or “Luna and I are the only one who likes sweets”. Finding similarities gives them a sense of satisfaction and belongingness.

Change Of Interests and Hobbies

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A person in love finds the things interesting that the other one likes. His/her favourites become their favourite.

All of sudden he/she takes interest in everything related to the person. Be it reading books, writing poems, watching horror movies, dancing, eating junk and whatnot. Forcefully or without force he/she makes the favourites of object their favourite.

And Yesss! How can we forget about this social media thing?

A person in love always stalks you continuously and regularly. Not even a single day goes without stalking them, after all, that’s the only way. They always stay updated about the restaurant they are going, about their close friends, their followers, their following, the kind of things they like, the kind of people they meet, where they go what they do and everything else they stay updated with just everything. They may also develop a sense of insecurity and hatred for the ones who are close to the one they love.

Well! These all are signs of love!

The Most Important Sign: Body language

7 Signs A Person Loves You Secretly_5

Body language is also an important way to find out about a person’s motive or intentions. It says and shows it all!

While walking together, if a man puts his hand on the small of her back then he probably has a crush on her. That gesture shows that he cares for her and will be there to support her whenever she needs him, that gesture means she adores her so much.

This was all about the signs of whether a person likes you or not. But still, there exist some exceptions, some people are not predictable you can’t find what’s inside, no matter how much you try to reveal the truth or feelings, they’ll never reveal or show their true self. If this article is useful please tell us in the comment section!

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