7 Reasons Why Men and Women Who Date Don't_Marry
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7 Reasons Why Men Don’t Marry The Women They Date

Have you ever noticed dating doesn’t always end up with marrying? We all have seen so many cases where long term relationships come to an end without marrying each other.

Why a couple breaks up after years of their serious relationship, and then he proposes to another who becomes her bride? To find out the answer that is bothering most of the women for so long, we have compiled the 7 most important reasons here in this article to understand what is the logic behind this, especially in the case of men. Let’s find out.

The ‘right person’ is a myth, the ‘right time’ is the reality. The most significant thing is to be with the person at the right time.

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A wise man once said that “men get married when they are ready to start a family not when they meet the love of their life” I guess, he wasn’t wrong at all. However, he posted this on his Facebook account. Many people asked the man for opinions on this. And in result, the mam admitted that they had a relationship they regretted ending, but then they got married to someone else.

In another case, men also get married if the woman whom they love gets married to someone else. In this situation, they also want to get married to overcome loneliness and to get emotional support.

So there is no such thing as “right woman” but the right time. Scientists also say that the best age to start a family is from 28 -32.

Physical attraction is not the base to build a family.

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Well, most of the people usually for physical appearance, initially at least. But looks don’t always matter.

As per studies by experts, they say that couples with a more attractive woman compared to the man are the happiest couple. Even a popular author John T. Molloy asked several men to describe their brides. Almost 20% described them with adjectives such as gorgeous, charming or sexy but rest 80% used their personality traits.

The most popular and important thing is women should not look vulgar but presentable in public.

Family and Friend’s Opinions Matters Too

Even the most independent man needs advice or help in the matter of marriage. That’s why friends and family play a huge role in deciding who a man should marry. This is yet another reason for breakup even after being in a long term relationship.

Men make sure that the woman is satisfied.

In many cases, women just pretend they are okay with the marriage when in reality they are not. And men are bad at reading between the lines, they really don’t understand them. So the woman loses patience and ends up leaving the man. And when the man meets another woman he makes a quicker decision and proposes her before she leaves.

Live-in relationships, of course, bring down the chances of getting married

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Living together before marriage is always a bad decision. Almost, 50% of couples who lived together before marriage don’t end up marrying. Some psychologists said to be careful with the idea of living together before marriage. Women think living together is the first step to marriage whereas men think there is no need to do anything further.

The woman is suitable in present but not in the future.

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Men want to get married but only when they achieve their motives – a good job, house and the amount to satisfy themselves. They only want someone during this period because they don’t want to stay alone in this difficult struggling period of their life. (See: 8 Signs that Show if Your Man Really Loves You or Just Using You)

So they just look for a temporary woman who doesn’t needs much. Whereas permanently he needs a woman who can challenge him every time to achieve more.

Every relationship is meant to end up with a wedding.

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From early childhood, girls are taught that any boy who pays attention to them is their “one and only” and the relationship should only have one end that is marriage. They have this stereotype that dating always ends up with a wedding whereas men don’t hold the same view.

Obviously, people regret the time wasted on dating so long if that didn’t end up with marriage. But then they have to understand that the person who is with them in the present is not what they want but what they need.

Men say things directly, and they rarely give up on their wishes. So stop waiting for signs or anything, if a man is avoiding the conversation or ignoring you it’s because they don’t want to marry you but they are afraid to say it.

These are all the reasons we found out. If you have any other thoughts and experiences, you must share it with us in the comment section.

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