15 Foods That Are Harmful At Wrong Time
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15 Foods That Are Harmful If Eaten At Wrong Time

We have been taught since our childhood to respect ‘Time’ and to understand how important it is. Time matters in every aspect of our lives. For example, there are some foods that give us proteins and energy for the entire day, but if we consume the same food at the ‘wrong time’, it can be harmful to us.

People these days are more self-aware and conscious about their diet and health, but it’s not that easy to get all the healthy eating rules right. Eating food at the wrong time can be really very harmful. For example- eating apples at the wrong time can lead to bowel and stomach problems instead of improving it. Following these rules is not that difficult but pretty easy to keep in mind.

Here in this article, we have brought you 15 such foods that are really harmful if you eat at the wrong time. So, make note of the same and make sure to consume them at the proper time. Let’s check them out.


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Apples contain fiber and natural acids which helps in improving digestion. So eating them in the morning is always the best habit as they help in improving the bowel movements. But having them at night or in the evening is always a bad idea as the digestion process is slower at that time. It can lead to excessive gas and bowel problems.

So, avoid eating apples at night and start eating them in the morning.


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Yogurt is rich in lactic acids which can decrease the activity of the stomach or it will slow down your digestion process. So it’s better to avoid having it in an empty stomach or before the meal.

The best time to have yogurt is 1-2 hours after the main meal to receive all the benefits for digestion. Also, you can eat a small quantity of yogurt right before the bed as it fills up your body with protein and it helps in muscle growth and development.


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Although fruits are a good option to start your day but bananas are an exception. Eating bananas in breakfast is not at all healthy. Consuming them in the empty stomach might lead to a decrease in your energy levels or change in bowel movements especially people who suffer from bowel syndrome should not take bananas in the morning.

After eating it in the morning, you might feel energized at first because of high sugar content but after some time you’ll feel hungry and tired again. And if you don’t want to give up on having bananas as breakfast, then combine it with some other foods.


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Coffee in the morning is a must for most people but it’s a quite unhealthy and useless habit.

In the first hour of waking up, our body produces cortisol and it’s important to not disturb or disrupt this process and our natural rhythm. According to some research, having coffee before a meal makes our body tolerant to caffeine.

So don’t drink coffee just after waking up, wait for a bit and then have it and stick to consistent caffeine intake. Also, don’t drink coffee in the evening to avoid the problem of lack of sleep.


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Eating rice just after a long day of work is not at all a right option. Rice takes a lot of time to digest because it contains carbohydrates. Eating rice at night can cause weight gain as they are rich in calories. Afternoon i.e., lunchtime is the best time to have rice because they are energetic and metabolism is also fast during the day.


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Sugar is the main reason for weight gain. If you want a healthy diet then cut sugar and sweets from it, although it’s not that easy. If you eat sweets as a snack, the blood sugar level rises to lead to sugar spikes and it leaves you tired and nervous.

If you can’t control your cravings, then you can have some dessert right after your main meal, your blood sugar won’t rise much.

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