45 Photos Proving The Lies of Social Media_ Instagram VS Reality
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45 Hilarious Photos Revealing The Lies We Show On Social Media – Instagram VS Reality

Social media is a showoff, isn’t it? Perfection is a myth and social media fools us into it. People are better on social media than in reality. Everything looks so perfect.

But the reality, behind the scenes, is pretty much different. It takes a lot of effort to click that social media-worthy picture. Here are some 45 pictures that reveal the lies behind your Instagram pictures.

There’s a lot of difference in Beauty in front of a camera and while there’s no one to see.

Instagram VS Reality_1

The perfect family photo. Well, on Instagram at least.

Instagram VS Reality_2

Uncomfort? Forget about it. The pic is for my Instagram account.

Instagram VS Reality_3

That’s my sweetest companion. Oh, wait.

Instagram VS Reality_4

Hey you. Stop looking. Wanna follow me on Insta?


It takes a lot of effort, especially when you got to stop your breathing, for a perfect figure.

Instagram VS Reality_6

The people who give you knowledge about the perfect diet, on social media.

Instagram VS Reality_7

That’s me and my cute daughter. So peaceful.

Instagram VS Reality_8

This guy is enjoying his drinks at some beach in LA.

Instagram VS Reality_9

Wait, what? These are the biggest cheater alive on Social Media.

Instagram VS Reality_10

That perfect belly. Really? She gotta work hard.

Instagram VS Reality_11

They can’t even stop lying about the dogs?

Instagram VS Reality_13

You got to have manners of eating as I do. Well, that’s only when I am in front of the camera.

Instagram VS Reality_12

Nothing, just chilling out on the beach. Wanna Join? Follow me.

Instagram VS Reality_17

Even the places are so beautiful on the Internet.

Instagram VS Reality_14

Oh Man. Really?

Instagram VS Reality_15

How to Get the Perfect Body. Only for your Social Media account.

Instagram VS Reality_16

And here comes the perfect Couple goals.

Instagram VS Reality_18

She’s so hot, with a perfect figure. And she has broken my heart just like that.

Instagram VS Reality_19

They teach you how to be Fresh all day long.

Instagram VS Reality_20

That’s really a cool click, sunny day.

Instagram VS Reality_21

Happy Shower. For a moment. And back to reality.

Instagram VS Reality_22

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