12 Types of Kisses And Their Meanings
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12 Types Of Kisses And Their Meanings

A kiss is the best way to express your love and feelings towards someone. However, a single kiss can have a number of different meanings depending upon the way and the person you are kissing.

You can kiss anyone like your friend, your parents, your kids, your lover but not in the same way because the feelings and emotions are different for different people and so is the type of kisses. (Also See: Do You Know Your Hug Style Reveals your Personality?)

It is right to say that a kiss is a kind of connection between two people. It shows what you feel about that particular person to a great extent. Similarly, you can easily tell what a person thinks about you by the way he kisses you. For example, a forehead kiss means the one who is kissing cares a lot about you, a simple peck on cheeks means the person adores you, etc. (Also Read: 7 Types of Love, Fortunate People Experience the Last One)

In this article, we are providing 12 most popular types of kisses along with their meanings. So, keep reading to know more!!

The Back Of The Hand Kiss

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The back of the hand is the most sensitive part of the body. It is the place where a kiss is easily felt. If someone kisses the back of your hand, it means they have got a chivalrous nature. It shows that kisser likes you and respects you. However, sometimes there can also be a sexual undertone to it.

The Forehead Kiss

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A forehead kiss generally means that the kisser admires you. This type of kiss is generally given to the family members and close friends. It is a gentle way to show love. A forehead kiss in a relationship is considered to be the best because it shows that the person is really serious about you.

The Vampire Kiss

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It is a very intimate and intense kiss and is not very common. This type of kissing includes passionate neck kissing and biting that can often end up with harsh marks known as “hickies” or ‘Love bites’.

The Air Kiss

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It is one of the most common types of kisses you’ve already seen many celebs doing. This type of kiss is commonly used for greetings and bidding good-byes. We can say that an air kiss is the most formal way of greeting. In this, you kiss in the air by placing your mouth at the ear of the person. This can be done to both sides of the face. It is basically a friendly kiss.

The Single Lip Kiss

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It is a simple kiss for lovers which shows that your partner is into you. In this, you place your lips between your lover’s lips and kiss gently. It is a very basic kiss that only lasts for a few seconds.

The Lipstick Mark Kiss

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In this type of kiss, the girl basically puts on her dark lipstick and leaves marks on her partner’s lips, cheeks or neck. It is a fun and playful kiss that shows you guys had a really good time together.

The Earlobe Kiss

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It is an extremely romantic kiss for lovers. The earlobe is the best erogenous part of the body. Basically, you nibble and gently kiss the earlobes of your lovers. It is an intimate and highly seductive kiss.

The Cheek Kiss

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A cheek kiss is the most basic type of kiss. It involves a simple peck on the cheeks. It is a common way to show affection and can be used between friends, family, and lovers.

The Nibble And Bite Kiss

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Soft nibbles and bites during kissing is a kind of foreplay that can lead to a more erotic and intimate kiss. It is good for lovers and used to show romantic desires to someone.

The French Kiss

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A French kiss is an intense kiss that involves tongues. It is an extremely passionate kiss that involves a lot of tongue action. A French kiss shows your partner’s sexual desires towards you.

The Jaw Kiss

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This is another kind of intimate kiss that happens between partners in which there is kissing the partner’s jaw sensually. This kiss shows that you two are really close to each other.

The Angel Kiss

This is a very sweet kiss and is also known as the kiss of an angel. It shows deep affection and love towards someone. Usually, the angel kiss is given by the parents to their children. This type of kiss can happen between the lovers as well to show their feelings.

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