10 Bizarre Facts About China You Need To Know Before Visiting
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10 Bizarre Facts About China You Must Know

China is one of the best countries to visit, for holidays or vacations. In fact, it ranks among the top five tourist destinations in the world. However, there are some really weird facts about china which you should know before planning your trip to China. (Also check: 8 Surprising Things You Must Know Before Visiting Japan)

In this article, we have collected the 10 most Bizarre Facts about China for you. So, give this article a read to know more and to avoid unpleasant surprises when you visit there.

Never Ever Schedule Your Trip to China During Their National Holidays

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If you’re planning your trip to China, then make sure it doesn’t fall during Chinese National holidays because it is the only time when people who live their go on a vacation. The people in China usually travel during the state-sanctioned holidays. Yes – Everyone travels at the same time!! And if you do travel this time, then you’ll not be able to see or experience anything due to the overwhelming crowd at the common tourist places.

You Can’t Leave Tips In China

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Generally, tipping in restaurants, parking, and taxis, etc is considered a good gesture. But, this is not the case with China. It is not acceptable to leave tips even if you’re satisfied with the services.

If You’re Inviting Someone, Then You Must Pay The Bill

In China, if you’re inviting someone for dinner or lunch, then they will expect you to pay for their meals. And vice-versa is also true, if you’re invited by Chinese people then they will pay your meal expenses. Also, people eat at a fixed set of times in China, therefore finding a place outside this normal time table is a bit hard.

No one Speaks English in China

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Yes, this can be the biggest cultural shock as well as a problem for you. No one speaks in English, not even the hotel staff!. Chinese is a tough language, so you can’t learn it easily too. So, the best thing is to learn a few basics and download a translation app on your mobile that can help you in translating Chinese.

Leave Your Popular Apps Behind, There’s No Facebook, Google, Gmail or Youtube

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Yes! You’ve read it absolutely right. There are no Google services, Facebook and YouTube in China. If you’re an Android user, then you are likely to face problems in loading your apps. So, it’s always a good idea to get ready with a VPN or ditch social media for some days.

Not Every Hotel in China Allows Foreigners to Stay

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While booking a hotel, check for the phrase “Only for citizens of mainland China”. This is because there is a strict law in China that says, for hosting the foreigners, the hotel needs to have a mandatory registration. Not every hotel has a right to do so.

Hot water Is Available Everywhere – Stations, Parks, Restaurants

It is a good idea to carry your thermos and some tea/coffee sachets, instant noodles with you in China. You can find hot water almost everywhere, so you can make yourself some tea, coffee or heat up some noodles wherever you are.

That’s about it!! China is a beautiful country to travel in. Traveling to a new place requires some homework about the rules and the culture but in return, one gets so many memories and unforgettable experiences for the lifetime.

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