15 Popular Questions That Nobody Can Answer
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15 Popular Questions That Nobody In The Entire World Can Answer

There are some questions that will awestruck you so bad that nobody can take you out of that. You didn’t have any particular answers for them. No wonder how hard you try to get all the necessary answers still you find something missing in it.

Below we have listed such 15 most popular questions we have been hearing from decades but are still unanswered. These hilarious questions will put your mind in wonder and you will think twice before coming on to any particular reasons for it.

Perhaps you may find all these questions vague and lame and asking them to anyone seems cliche. But here are those questions who don’t have any perfect answers for any of it.

What is the meaning of life?

If number 21 is spelled as twenty one then how come we don’t write 11 as Onety one?

What will you get in return for saving time?

15 unanswered question_1

Why we don’t get split ends in the hair of hands and legs

There is no Pine and Apple in Pineapple and still, it is called Pineapple

How come our mom gets the same lost things in one try which we tried to find for zillion times.

Where exactly did all the lost rubber and pen go?

How come always the fourth key is the perfect match to lock?

How come whenever you change the line to rush thing, the same line started to work slow

Why didn’t the Glue Stick to Glue Bottles in which it comes?

Why 2 minutes noodles take more than 2 minutes to cook?

15 unanswered question_3

Why Iceland is named as Iceland when it is not covered with snow?

Suppose if there is no selling of tickets for a particular movie, still theatre will show it on?

15 unanswered question_4

If farting provides all the comfort then how come people are ashamed of it?

If you live in a rented house and crime branch will break your door, then who will pay for the doors?

These all are vague questions but still, there are no particular answers for it. Every time these questions leave a huge smile on your face. Let us know if you have any answers to it.

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