5 Health Benefits Of Going Braless
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5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Going Braless

It’s almost been a century since the invention of bras. These are as old as ancient Greece. Since then, each and every woman wears one and it is supposed to be very helpful and crucial in many ways.

Bras in general, are believed to provide the support to the breasts and enhance the shape of the upper body along with providing comfort. However, there is a little surprise for you. Not wearing bras is perfectly fine too and in fact, it is more beneficial than wearing it. [10 Reasons Why Women Feel Better Without Wearing Bras]

Don’t know the benefits of ditching your bras? Well, don’t worry, we got you covered. Keep reading further to know 5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Going Braless. Let’s begin!!

Improved Blood Circulation

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The bras are very tightly fitted pieces of clothing and due to this, there tends to compress our breast tissues. This, in turn, affects our blood vessels and makes our blood circulation very poor.

So, if you don’t wear a bra, obviously the blood circulation will be improved. Your breast health will boost due to the increased and improved blood flow.

You, Will, Sleep better and Peacefully

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Wearing a bra is more like a habit to a majority of women. And due to this, most of them don’t bother to remove it even at bedtime. Little do they know that this is an extremely unhealthy habit to sleep with a bra on.

According to several studies, wearing a bra at bedtime impact circadian rhythm and the discomfort doesn’t allow to get a peaceful sleep. So, always remove your bra while going to bed and you will definitely feel the changes in your sleeping experience. You will sleep better and comfortably for sure.

It Will Increases Your Cup Size

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Surprised?? Well, you should be.

Going braless might actually help you in gaining a cup size. Many women use push-up bras for enhancing their shape and getting a cleavage.

But, if you ditch your bras, the pectoral muscles in the breasts will work against gravity and will hang naturally. This will make your breast more firmed and your chest will appear more fuller.

Your Breast Will Get More Firmed And Plump


According to the studies of Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon of Besançon University (who spent 15 years of his life studying women’s anatomy), after not wearing bras for a year, the breast of non-wearers was better than those of bra wearer which sag an average of 7mm. A Japanese study has also shown some similar results.

Your Overall Breast Health Will Be Improved

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Not wearing a bra will improve your overall health. The reason is, the blood circulation will get improved and blood will flow freely through your body. This will improve your skin and tone your muscles. Your breast will be able to breathe freely.

Sometimes, wearing a bra can also cause skin discoloration. So, if you don’t wear bras, your skin will also be improved and you will get rid of dark spots. Let us know if you too follow this routine and your experience.

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