Google and Facebook Employees Salary
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Crore And Lakhs – Here is How Much Google and Facebook Employees Earn

Ask the working class or any corporate bandits out there what they want in their workplace. They will surely say satisfaction, regular raises and an environment worth spending for. There is no doubt in saying that corporate people are frustrated one with their job and Monday seems a long struggle for them.

Of course, everybody wants to work with COmpanies who not only make them do work, but also offer things they really need in their lives. And while we are talking about life & company, well, there are few names which everybody dreams to work with. 

Such as Google, followed by Facebook and Microsoft.

Well Google needs no introduction

Google, the name speaks volumes on its behalf. There is literally no one in this world who hasn’t heard this name once in his/her lifetime and the reason for the same is that it is very popular and every second user is using Google in some or another form.

Coming to the survey done by the career site analyzer and around 50,000 employees confessed that keeping all the necessary points like fair pay to employees, satisfaction level with benefits and raises in mind.

About the salary of employees, it has been revealed that the estimated salary including bonus is more than Rs 94,71,455 a year. No doubt you must be wondering about the exact salary employees get in Google and similar companies.

Let’s give you some clue. It has been said that the highest-paid position at Google is the director of finance who gets Rs 4.24 crore a year.


About facebook, it has been rumored that they are facing some issues with new recruits because of the financial crisis they faced last year. Because of this, the median pay to employees fell to 5 percent.

It’s not like these are both the companies you can count upon. There are many more who offer a lot more to their employees.

The median employee pay of tech companies like Twitter, Square, Workday, and Nvidia each in 2018 surpassed Rs 1.06 crore each.

These all are companies listed in a dream job and provide real satisfaction to their employees. The job you are doing can be really fun if you’re getting what you are always looking for.

The survey was just an insight into your dream companies.

Not to forget earlier the median pay wasn’t necessarily released by the company. Median pay is the only thing that gives great insight into the company’s income disparity and corporate excess.

So we hope it has cleared some of the questions in your mind about companies and how much employees get while working there.

Let us know what you all think about it.

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