6 Tips To Recognize Fake Duplicate Gadgets
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6 Tips To Recognize Fake And Duplicate Gadgets

Due to the popularity of high-end brands, there are a lot of duplicates and copies that are manufacturing and being sold in the market. These fake products are made so original looking that it is very hard to tell if they are not the real ones. This is the reason why many people are bamboozled in the name of original and branded electronic gadgets these days.

But, you don’t need to worry anymore. In this article, we brought you some important and easy tips and tricks by which you can easily Recognize fake gadgets. Let’s go, and save our money.

Pay attention to The Outer Packaging Carefully

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The original product comes with detailed and impeccable packaging. But, the fake manufacturers do not lay much stress on package design. The original manufacturer takes care of detailing their goods.

So, always pay attention to the packaging of the product and you will find the difference such as print quality, font, package quality, etc. The original manufacturers always take care that their product should not get damaged during transportation and hence, fix their goods well.

Check Out The User Manual

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The user manual contains every detail and instructions about the product. It is usually written in the languages of the country of purchase. But, if it is written in some languages you can’t read, it means it is a smuggled product.

Observe The Quality Of Material It Is Made Of

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It is very obvious that branded or high-end products will have high-quality material. Be it plastic, rubber or aluminum, it will be of high quality in case of the original product. But fake manufacturers save on material quality and use cheaper material for their products. If you look closely, the fake gadgets have many imperfections like irregular surfaces, cheap matte shades, etc.

Pay Special Attention To The Logo

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A brand’s logo is its identity. So, pay special attention to it. Original logos are made in such ways that it becomes very hard to replicate it. Hence, the fake brands cannot really copy the logo and you can easily spot it. Along with it, the fonts and symbols of the gadget should be readable smooth and presentable if its original.

Check Out The Charger Of The Device

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The adapter or charger of the device should be specifically made for use in the country of purchase. But, if you find something different in the charger like different signs or socket designs then, it is a copy product. The fake brands often ask to buy a separate charger or adaptor. Also, the fake brand chargers don’t have good quality insulation and protection. But, the originals come neatly with finished metal tips and wiring.

Check The Quality Of Wires And Plugs

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In an original product, the wiring is very finished and high quality. The plugged-in cable is even and sturdy. While, in duplicate products, you will find loose wiring and other parts.

The wires in the original product come with proper insulation and are flexible with non-erasable symbols written on them. This is not the case with fake products.

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