Body Signs If Your Relationship Is Working Fine Or Not
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Body Signs That Shows If Your Relationship Is Working Fine Or Not

“Actions always speak louder than words”. No matter how much someone is lying, his/her actions and body language reveals it all. This fact holds special value when it comes to relationships.

By closely paying attention to the signs and body language, you can come to know about the status of your relationship and where it is heading towards. With that said, here we are providing some important Body Signs that actually reveal the truth about your relationship.

Signs That Shows Your Relationship Is Working Fine. You’re Good!

  • You find your partner gazing at you very often. He always looks into your eyes and holds the gaze for longer and never looks away when you’re talking to him. If you notice this, he/she is definitely in love with you.
  • He / She tries to maintain a physical touch with you during a conversation or during a walk. If your partner holds your hand, plays with your hair and likes some kind of touch when you’re around then, it is the sign he is interested in you more than anything.
  • This one may sound weird but this is actually true. When a woman loves you truly, she leans on her body toward yours, for enhancing her figure. This body language shows that she likes you and loves to be with you.
  • In case of men, they try to look more masculine and stronger. During a conversation, sometimes you’ll find them leaning against the wall with their hand around your body.
  • You will find that your hands touch each other even if there is no reason. You will notice that your hands reach out automatically for them. Forex, they caress you very often, or clean the specks of dirt on your clothes.
  • They wait for your reaction after telling you something. Even if it’s a joke, they look at you and wait for your response. This is a sign which shows their high interest in you.
  • According to the facts, men stops smiling widely as they get older. So, if you find your man smiling widely at you then, it is a sign he is definitely in love with you deeply and you make him happy.
  • They notice every single detail about you. And more importantly, they will give their honest feedback to you.
  • They try to be like you. You will notice that your partner has adopted or start following your habits.

Signs That Shows Your Relationship Is Not Working Right. You need to talk.

  • You find it hard to express yourself before your partner. The reason behind this is, they seem uninterested in what you’re saying. They don’t pay attention, doesn’t look into your eyes and turn their body away from you. These are the signs that shows something is wrong in your relationship and you might need to talk.
  • They try to avoid any kind of physical touch. Even their hugs and kisses become quick and formal. While sleeping they turn their body away from you.
  • They don’t react much to what you’re saying. They respond very lightly with a forced smile and don’t even give their feedback. You will notice their lack of enthusiasm towards your thoughts.
  • Certain body languages like, crossed arms and legs during a conversation shows that something is not right. Their voice becomes heavy and they don’t look into your eyes while having a conversation. If you notice these signs, then it is an alarm that you need to talk about.
  • Your partner stopped following the basic etiquettes such as, opening the doors in case of men, calling if you reach safely or not. They’re talking or keep themselves so much busy on phones that they forget about you. They stop showing their concern for you.
  • They are not paying attention to what is going in your life. They have no idea what you’re going through.
  • If there is something that stop yourself from sharing your feelings with them then, it is the sign that your relationship is fading away.
  • They stopped noticing things about you.

That’s all about it. These were the signs that speak a lot about your relationship. We hope it helps you. Let us know about what you think in the comments section.

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