6 Types of Non-Physical Cheating Which Is Still Cheating
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6 Types of Non-Physical Cheating Which Is Still Cheating On Your Partner

Being cheated in a relationship is a terrible thing. When we talk about cheating in general, it mostly means any physical affair with a third person. But over time, the definition of cheating has been revised, it not only includes physical affair but also any kind of emotional affair with some person.

These are becoming very common nowadays. According to a survey, about 45% of men and 35% of women have admitted having an emotional affair with some other person than their partners. [5 Reasons Why People Cheat in Relationship]

In this article, we are providing 6 types of non-physical cheating that are considered as cheating even if you do not realize doing that. So, check these out!!

Getting Too Close To Your Opposite-Sex Friend

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A happy relationship only needs the involvement of two-person. They should be there for each other in every aspect of life. But when you involve a third person, things get worse.

This third person can be your friend of the opposite sex. It gets worse when the third person is your partner’s very close friend. Chances are you may get attracted to him or her.

So, when your partner tells you about this, it’s better to stop yourself from going down that road and save your relationship. Don’t get trapped in an emotional attachment.

You’re Too Flirty With Others.

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Online flirting is one of the most common practices. Healthy flirting with others when you’re single is perfectly fine. But many people who are committed also get involved in flirting which is not the right thing to do. In fact, the internet is the most commonplace these days for getting attached to strangers.

Moreover, apart from online flirting, offline flirting is still an affair.  Obviously, a person will never like his partner to flirt with others. Social media is the best mode of communication and socializing. So, use it that way, to strengthen your relationship instead of ruining it.

You’re Always Into Your Phone, Chatting With Others

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To be honest, we all have a habit of checking our phones every now and then. Most of us are so addicted to our phones that we tend to ignore our partners even when we are with them.

This is a huge turn-off to any relationship. No matter how close you are with your partner, but if they are feeling ignored or you are not giving them your time, then it is dangerous for your relationship.

You Share Your Relationship Secrets With Someone Else.

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Privacy is one of the most important factors in a relationship and everyone is supposed to respect that. But, if you’re sharing your relationship secrets with someone other than your partner then it is extremely wrong. In fact, this is worse than cheating!

You Keeping a Secret Friend About Whom Your Partner Has No Idea

6 Types of Non-Physical Cheating in Relationship_5

When the relationship is true, you don’t need to hide anything from your partner. There are no secrets and no lies. Although you should respect each other’s privacy too if you are being extremely secretive from your partner then, it is not right. Especially, when you are friends with someone whom your partner has no idea about. Obviously, there must be something between you and him that you’re hiding it from your partner.

You Keep Dreaming Of Others

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While it’s completely fine to have temporary crushes over celebs or even other people occasionally but it is wrong when it becomes very frequent. Fantasizing about someone without your partner’s knowledge means you’re taking them for granted and it is nothing but cheating. So, when you realize you’re doing this, talk openly with your partner about it.

If you are in a relationship, if serious relationship, you got to take care of these important points if you want your partner to be with you. So, that’s all about it folks!! We hope it helps you.

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