7 Health Benefits Of Regular Hugs
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7 Health Benefits Of Regular Hugs – Makes You Live Longer

Life can be messy and hard sometimes. We stress ourselves out a lot more than usual because of our hectic schedule. It’s been said that most of the heart attacks happened on weak days, particularly on Mondays. Because Mondays bring out the worst in us. Keeping all this in mind, here we are going to discuss some methods to keep our mind relaxing.

What if we say hugs holds much more power than we usually know. Recently the American therapist Virginia Satir, in her research revealed that Hugs are necessary for human beings. According to her, we need 4 hugs a day to survive. [Also Check: Do You Know Your Hug Style Reveals your Personality?]

Hugs are not the only way to show affection and care but also important from a health point of view. It may seem like a lot to take in but there are some marvelous effects of hugging. We are going to discuss each one of them in this article. So, let’s find out what are the 7 Health Benefits Of Regular Hugs.

Hugs Help Reduce Social Anxiety

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Ever wonder why people prefer to hug while meetings. It has been researched that hugs have the power to remove social anxiety. This might appear a bit weird to hear but our body releases oxytocin while hugging which helps to build the lost confidence and it also gives the power to interact with people.

One of the important benefits of oxytocin pours positivity in us and gives us the strength to see the world differently. This is the main reason why people try to hug their favorite human being out there while meeting. This one is considered as the most powerful effects of hugging.

Hugs Relieve Tiredness After a Hectic Day

Working 9 hours a day is not easy and it is really tiresome sometimes. Imagine your workplace far away from your place to stay and in between, you have to face the really annoying traffic, it can be a lot. After hours of a hectic schedule, you want to be at peace while at home.

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It has been found in a study done on hugging by Lena Forsell and Jan Astrom that 10 seconds can have more power on our bodies. It can reduce tiredness from our bodies. That’s the main reason why people prefer to hug their kids or loved ones while reaching home. If you are the one who avoids hugs then this is a high time to drop it.

Hugs Relieve You From Pain

The third in our list is how hugging reduces the pain. An experiment was done on Therapeutic touch by New York University, and it came to light that some forms of touches have the ability to reduce the pain.

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The experiment was done on people and they find it really helpful and improving. Most of the participants claimed that there has been a huge improvement in their life after the experiment. Although the experiment was on 6 human touches and hugging was one of them.

Hugs Make You Feel Happy

There is no doubt in the fact that hugging makes a human being really happy. Happiness can be anything but the most honest form of happiness is hugging someone you love or adore. The reason for the same is hugging releases oxytocin from the human body which is a source of all positivity and happiness.

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So no wonder why we feel like on cloud nine when we hug someone. It is also found that oxytocin has more effect on women as compared to men.

Hugs Improve Blood Pressure

It has also been researched that hugs contribute to better blood pressure. Why after every single fight people call it off by saying “Let’s Hug it Out”.

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Hugs have the power to control stress and it can work as the best remedy to a stress buster. That’s the most important perks of hugging. Other than this cuddling or hugging helps us to keep intact. To prove that hugging improves our immune system there has been a social experiment done on Carnegie Mellon University together with the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine where 404 adults suffering from the common cold were exposed in public and were divided into two groups.

One group was allowed to cuddle and hug and the other one was not. The results were shocking, people in group one who was allowed to cuddle was way much better than the second group. That’s why sick people need more attention and affection from their loved ones.

Hugs Improve Your Nervous System

What if we say that hugging stimulates the nervous system and you must be wondering how exactly it does. It has been claimed that cuddling helps to fight inner fears, the feeling of loneliness and it also helps to gain confidence.

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This is the main reason when people have a mental breakdown or anxiety attacks generally prefer physical support like a hug to calm them down. Small things like these do wonder to a person who is suffering. The next time you see someone crying, hug them out.

Hugs Improve Your Immune System

The last one on our list is so important and considered as one of the best perks of hugging and cuddling. It has been proved that Hugs promotes better blood pressure. The study was held at the University of North Carolina. They did the social experiment on it where 200 people were split into two groups where they allowed them to watch the romantic video.

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The first group was allowed to hold hands and hug while the second group wasn’t. The result showed that people in the first group were more stable and had lower blood pressure as compared to the people who were not allowed to hug. From a health point of view, this is something we should all look out for.

So reading all the points mentioned above there is no doubt in saying that hugs are stress-resistant and apart from providing us pleasure, it also keeps us stable and healthy. We all are stressing ourselves out with work and in our spare time if we spend 5 minutes cuddling or hugging our loved one would be a huge help.

It is not much to ask for. Let us know what you all think about it. Give your honest review on it.

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