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Deadpool 3 Shooting Starts, could feature Spider-Man and New Captain America?

Marvel’s movies need no further introduction. Fans go crazy about their projects and wear their excitement on sleeves for movies. All the movies from Marvel’s have been a major hit. If you’re a fan of Marvel’s you must have seen every movie.

Here we are going to talk about particular movies, if you have seen the Deadpool and Deadpool-2, you must have been waiting for the next. Waiting can be tough if you’re excited about something but it seems like it’s time to put a halt on this break.

Recently the news has been surfaced all over the internet that Ryan Reynolds has paid a visit to Marvel’s Studios. There is not much math to do in it, seems like the work on Deadpool 3 has been started.

Since Disney has the right of Deadpool we can see much more in it. Some of the reports surfaced on the internet claiming that Disney has filed for the limited liability corporation. We tried to dig more into it but as of now, everything is confidential.

Deadpool 3 is gaining more attention than ever because of rumors going around about in the plot twist. It has been claimed that we can see much more in Deadpool 3. Seems like Marvels has some different plans for Deadpool 3.

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What would be your reaction when you see an Avenger character in Deadpool? Excited Much?

Yeah, we know it would definitely blow your mind. Marvel is planning to offer the same to its audience. It has been surfaced all over the internet that you can see crossovers between Deadpool-3 and Avengers character. As of now, it has been rumored that we can see Spiderman or Captain America.

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According to the writers of Deadpool Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick that Marvel’s is abundant with Characters and it has the potential to offer a lot to their fans. Reese in one of his interviews with told that they are excited about a crossover and they would take advantage of every tool they have.

How exciting it is to see your favorite characters in one screen. Marvel is an ocean of villains and superheroes and if anybody got a chance to merge these two, they wouldn’t take their hands out without getting full advantage of it.

Writers of Deadpool already claimed that it is fun to combine these two and they will definitely bring their best on the tables.

However, there is no official notification when will we see the movie on screen but it is good to know that the studio started working on a script and our wait will be over soon.

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