20 Unbelievable Scientific Facts Hard To Believe

20 Unbelievable Scientific Facts That Seem Too Crazy to Be True

Science can be boring sometimes but recently the survey has done on our surroundings and it came into our light that there are 20 scientific facts which we are not aware of. This will blow our minds. What will be your reaction when will come to know that Mona Lisa actually used to have eyebrows. Surprised much?

This is just a start, we are hereby going to discuss all such scientific facts which are too crazy to believe. It will bring a chill down your spine. To make it easier to read we are discussing all these in points.

1. Are you a coffee addict or you consume more caffeine than usual then this one is for you. It has been found that women who consume more coffee than usual have a severe effect on their bodies. Caffeine reduces breast size.

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According to a survey 3 cups of coffee, a day has an ability to reduce your breast size. It has been proved and you will see the changes if you have bigger breasts in the first place. The reason for the same is caffeine burns fats and breast have adipose tissue in it. So be careful from now on if you don’t want to reduce your breast size. Consume it in the right amount.

2. We all know that our brain functions for 24*7 even if we’re sleeping. It works continuously and to work it requires energy. But do you know that the brain needs energy the same compared to the 10W light bulb? It doesn’t matter whether we are wide awake or sleeping, the brain needs its energy to work.

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3. The third in our list is about chimpanzees, it has been researched that male chimpanzees have less dispute as compared to female chimpanzees. The close friendship between them helps to reduce the stress level. There’s been no drama when chimpanzees fight alongside with the friend.

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4. We all have seen the portrait of Mona Lisa but do you know that the initial painting has an eyebrow in it and the sky was blue compared to painting we see these days. It has been come in light by the Art specialist named Pascal Cotte. He confirmed that the painting was faded with time which is a reason why we can’t see eyebrows in it. He also claimed that the initial painting has a much wider face of Mona Lisa.

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5. What will be your reaction when we say that fish can actually walk or climb. You probably won’t believe us. But it has been researched that The Thai fish named Cryptotora Thamicola has an ability to climb rocks. It is the only fish that can walk on the ground. It is just surprising to know that the fish can actually walk but the reason for the same is It has a developed pelvis and it uses its flippers like reptiles to use their limbs which helps in walking.

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6. Have you ever wondered why there is a noise in empty channels? What if we say it is only a trace of the birth of the universe. It has been researched that the noise is because of the Big Bang theory. Prior it started with the explosion of light. The noise is a part of an explosion and it is living proof of the existence of the universe.

7. Would you believe us when we say that the height of the Eiffel Tower can vary? You won’t but it has been researched that the height of the Eiffel tower can expand in hot weather, it can increase by 5.9 inches in summer weather. The reason for the same is the metal from which it is made actually expands in hot weather. So if you ever get a chance to visit the Eiffel tower in summer you will surely notice the change.

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8. Human lungs seem so small in pictures but do you know that it has a similar surface area as a tennis court. This is just amazing to know how one thing that seems so small can have that much surface area.

9. Research has been done on the fact that Men have a genetic predisposition of having a girl or boy in their married life. It has been said that the boy who raised up with so many girls in his family likely to have a girl and the one who raised with so many boys likely to have boys. How amazing is that to know.

10. You must have heard the name of Archerfish many times but do you know that the Archerfish has the ability to recognize people’s faces. As per Oxford University, they have a vision possibility of more than 80%.

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11. The space shuttle is considered one of the fastest things on the planet. But do you know that flea accelerates faster than a space shuttle? It is 50 times faster than the space shuttle. Who knows that the small bug can beat the space shuttle.

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12. It has been researched that the lubricant which we used as knee oil is the most slippery substance in the world.

13. You must be wondering about the taste of the universe which is next to impossible but it has been researched that if we could taste the universe it will.be definitely tastes like Raspberry. The reason for the same is that the universe has the content of raspberry in abundance.

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14. The empty space in an atom can be equal to one whole apple.

15. Earth is considered as the coldest planet. It has been researched, the scientist tried to freeze the atom using laser technology and it helps to reach the temperature to absolute zero.

16. One of the biggest organs in the world is Armillaria Ostoyae and its size is more than 2174 acres.

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17. You must have heard about squid before but do you know that the squid’s brain looks like a bagel. The reason for the same is it is because of its digestive system. The food in squid’s body goes through the brain.

This is all we have and I am sure that this article is worth reading. Let us know how amazed you’re.

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