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10 Things You Can Learn About Anyone From a Single Kiss

Love can be complicated and has an ability to mess up our whole life and that’s the reason most of the youngsters out there are afraid of one. Before falling into love everyone seeks the possibility of it’s to be theirs only one and why the hell not we all want true love in our life and the person we could cherish for a whole lifetime.

What if we tell you that every heartbreak has a tell or you can know more about your partner by the first kiss. Would you believe us? Well it has been proved there are psychological facts about the first kiss and the purpose of this article is to bring the best out of it.

In this read, we are going to tell you how you can assume most of the things about your relationship from the first kiss. But before jumping on that do you know it has been researched that the average woman kisses about 15 men and has two breakups in her life before getting married.

Why the first kiss is important?

Because it gives beautiful insights about your connection towards your partner. You will draw a more productive conclusion from it. Let’s find out.

Is Your Partner Appreciative Or Ungracious

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The very first one on our list is how your partner treats you after the kiss. Does he/she seem happy and excited? Does he/she pass a little smile at you?

Most of you think that these questions are lame or who cares about whether they smile or not but it is important. It tells a lot about your partner’s behavior towards you. If he/she smiles at you right after kiss then they simply adore your presence in their lives. They are glad that they find you and they really liked the kiss.

On the other hand, if they seem distracted or distant then it means they didn’t like it and they want to get over with it as soon as possible. Both of these aspects are helpful for you because it lets you decide whether the one you’re dating is your Mr/Mrs right or not.

Is Your Partner Rushing The Things?

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The second thing on our list is while making out whether your partners try to push things or be bossy with you. This can be a red signal to you that he/she only wants to sleep with you. Nothing more than that.

Don’t confuse it with being in the heat of the moment because that’s just a way to get it off your mind deep within we all know that it’s just lame cover-up. Nothing wrong in going on second base but it should consensual and your partner’s choice matters a lot. Just don’t rush things. Give it time. Wait for the right moment.

Even after all this if your partner pushes you in things which clearly you’re not ready for then this is a huge hoarding of a Warning sign. You have to get out of that relationship as soon as possible.

How Your Relation With The Partner Is Going To Be?

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The first kiss has a tale about how your relationship is going to be. Like the one you are kissing is even serious about you or it’s just a fling.

When the person is rushing things it is a sign that he /she just wants to have a physical relationship with you. He/she is not giving much thought to the future and probably just have an attraction towards you.

On the other hand, the first kiss clears some messed up things in your mind too like how you see your partners and whether you liked the kiss or not. The partner is worth keeping around or good for the long haul, these are some questions which you need to look over after the first kiss.

Does Your Partner Understand You?

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Is your partner is good at picking the sign? While you’re kissing you can send him/her signals about your needs whether you liked it or not.

The main question here is your partner good enough to pick up those signals. It’s just some of us don’t like the use of much tongues so you can send a signal by pushing him or see what he /she does afterward.

Is he/she willing to put your needs first that’s the real question to look forward to? If he/she seems annoyed with it then that’s not a relationship worth keeping for.

Is Your Partner Hygienic?

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Hygiene is important and it tells a lot about a person’s behavior. Whether you meeting your partner the first time or not, you should take good care of yourself. It tells about how excited you’re for your loved ones.

Having bad smells or filthy looks it just a huge turn off. Try to wear good cologne and keep yourself clean for your partner’s sake. Hygiene is something in our hands we can put a whole new identity with it on another person’s mind. So don’t take it lightly. It matters the most.

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