15 Gifts You Can Buy From The Future Today

15 Gift Items You Can Buy Today From The Future

Do you think of gifting your loved ones something different and unique? Gifting normal items such as Smartphones, VR, Smartwatches, etc are too much in trend. Don’t you wish to gift something unique and useful?

As in this modern era, new inventions are taking place every day. So it’s hard to impress people by these same smart gadgets anymore. You got to bring something really new to impress them.

In this article, we have gathered 12 really impressive gift items that are from the Future which you can buy today and gift your loved ones. Let’s take a look:

A Temperature Changing Cup.

12 Gift Items You Can Buy Today From The Future_1

So this is the most useful and brilliant invention. Ember, it is a ceramic cup that became so popular and hit. The main feature of this cup is that it maintains the temperature of any drink for a long time. Now, don’t you worry about your tea or coffee turning cold? Get rid of regular cups and have this temperature changing cup. And yes you can control it using a smartphone app too.

Smart Ring With Calls and Messages

12 Gift Items You Can Buy Today From The Future_2

A hands-free and ears-free device, Nokia Fit. This is the latest invention where you can get rid of unnecessary Bluetooth radiations around your ears. You can receive a call by placing your finger on the ear. This ring is available and designed to fit in all the sizes of fingers. So go and grab one.

Holographic Locks

12 Gift Items You Can Buy Today From The Future_3

Now you can just open your door by typing your password on a virtual screen which only you can see. Augmented reality is too mainstream now. You can also use this for entertainment purposes.

Laser keyboard

12 Gift Items You Can Buy Today From The Future_4

The laser keyboard is the newest invention.It is small and portable.This keyboard doesn’t have keys, its picture is projected on a table. One of the disadvantages of a laser keyboard is that when it is used in a room full of light it is difficult to see the letters and symbols. Otherwise, it’s fine, you can buy it.

Smart Alarm Clock

12 Gift Items You Can Buy Today From The Future_5

Wow, this alarm clock is just amazing and a perfect gift for the people who wish to wake up early. If you are one of the early birds and want to wake up early with some good vibes, go for this Smart Alarm Clock. It imitates all the natural morning lights and sounds 30 minutes before the time.

12 Gift Items You Can Buy Today From The Future_6

You can set an alarm and personalize the sounds and tones the way you want. To whoever you will gift this he /she will be so happy.

A Light Ring For Perfect Selfie

12 Gift Items You Can Buy Today From The Future_7

Who don’t like to take perfect and good selfies, I guess no one. Everybody wants their picture to look beautiful and perfect. So here is the perfect gift for a selfie lover. You can set this small ring on your cell phone or laptop. It gives the perfect amount of light in dark to make your selfie look bright and it also removes all the flaws of your face. So why wait?

A Sleep Improving Robot

In this depressed and stressed generation, good sleep is a dream for many, ironically. People struggle a lot with sleep. Sleeping disorders are so common in this hectic life. But here is the solution.

12 Gift Items You Can Buy Today From The Future_8

The robot named “Somnox” is an invention by a dutch scientist which helps in improving the problem of sleep. Which we call as “Insomnia”. This robot not only improves your sleep and helps to sleep better, faster and wake up easier. It adapts the breath of a person by calming it down and you can even turn on the relaxing and soothing music too.

360° Smartphone Camera.

12 Gift Items You Can Buy Today From The Future_9

If you want to give something to your photogenic friends then gift this 360° Smartphone camera. This is portable. convenient and standardized. The camera is of great quality, it has great resolution. You can also use it underwater. So hurry up and grab it.

Transparent Toaster

12 Gift Items You Can Buy Today From The Future_10

Transparent toaster, this is such a useful invention. Transparent glass helps you to see the toast. Now you can see and save your bread from getting burnt. And it has double-layered glass that doesn’t heat up, so ultimately you can eat unburnt toasts.

Coffee Decorating Pen

12 Gift Items You Can Buy Today From The Future_12

Wow! This is such a creative invention. It is a perfect gift for someone who loves doing creative things. You can draw any shape, write anything on your cappuccino or latte by using cinnamon, sugar, chocolate or other spices. This Pen is easy to use and children can also use it. So gift someone this pen and he/she will not stop thanking you.

A Long-Distance Relationship Lamp

12 Gift Items You Can Buy Today From The Future_13

This is so good. Your loved ones will be so happy if you’ll gift them this beautiful lamp. The pair in this lamp emits the same light every time you touch it and the color keeps changing each time. This is the best gift to give your lover to feel connected. If you want them to feel loved and if you want to give them love and your presence then go for this.

Food Scaling Smart Scale

12 Gift Items You Can Buy Today From The Future_14

Everyone is diet and health-conscious now. So are you searching for a portion of good food and calorie measuring scale? If yes, then the search is over. Because here is the great stylish tool for measuring your diets and calorie intakes. This food scale has over 2000 foods. So create your own meal, use types of measurement systems. You can also measure ingredients, check caloric value and every element that you eat.

LED Mask For Face And Neck.

Skincare is so important. Here is the led mask for your face and neck. It improves the facial skin and different colored lights treat different problems such as acne,  pimples, age-related skin problems, etc. These masks are used in several salons but why not buy your own?

So which of the inventions do you really wish to buy and gift your loved ones?

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