20 Interesting Facts About Human Blood
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20 Interesting Facts About Human Blood I Bet You Didn’t Know

Health is the most important thing God has given to every living thing. We all try to keep ourselves mentally or physically healthy, and why not to keep. In this busy and chaotic schedule, it is our responsibility to keep ourselves intact.

It is not a big deal to steal 30 minutes from your busy schedule to take care of your priceless health. In this article, we are going to discuss the 20 most interesting and extremely scientific facts about Human Blood.

We are sure that you have heard about some of the points earlier but this whole article is going to be a good read.

1. Do you know that you can learn a lot about a person from his/her blood group? Research has already been done on this. In general, the blood group tells a lot about a person’s behavior, relationships and success.

2. Do you know that a person’s athletic behavior can be predicted from his/her blood type? Interesting, isn’t it? A whole study has been done on this. It has been said that a person with O blood group has better stamina compared to another blood group. There is not a single person of type AB blood group in water polo.

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3. Why most of the health-conscious people warn us about energy drinks we consume. The Reason for the same is energy drinks have caffeine three times higher than actually caffeinated drinks. They affect our bodies in unspeakable ways and can also make us hospitalized. Soda is also harmful to our bodies. These drinks are good for once in a while but regular use can cause use seizures.

4. You must have heard about the blood type diet earlier. Well, it has been found that this all is hearsay. There is no such thing as Blood type diet.

5. How cool is to listen if you have goods and products according to your blood type. Well, it is true, In Japan, there is a special place for goods, foods, cosmetic products, and personal product according to a person’s blood group.

6. Mosquito sucks blood from the human body but do you know that it takes around 1120000 mosquitoes to draw all the blood from a grown-up man. Surely you didn’t know that.

7. We all know that blood circulates in the human body but are you aware of the fact that to circulate blood, the heart has to create pressure which can release a 30ft high stream of blood.

8. We all must have heard that without pulse human beings are considered dead but there is an interesting theory that comes to light in the year 2012 when doctors installed a device in a person to make a person live without a pulse. The device’s function is to circulate blood without a pulse. So it is possible for human beings to live without a pulse.

9. What will be your reaction if we say that the person can live without a heart? You definitely won’t believe us. But with the help of science, it is quite possible. There has been a device that helps you to live without a heart. Implementation of this device has already been done on an individual named Stan Larkin. He lives 555 days with the help of this device and without a heart until he got a heart for transplant. He used to carry a device in his backpack and can even play basketball.

10. We all know that blood is circulated through the human body but are you aware that the human body circulates blood approximately equal to a medium-sized swimming pool in the span of 25 days.

11. You must have heard of people die in an accident because of excessive bleeding. Here is the important fact that human beings can live after 40% of blood loss but of course emergency medical is needed and a timely transfusion is a must.

12. Why Mondays are so hated? Ever wonder? Mondays are a source of stress and restlessness and that is the main reason why 21% of heart attacks happen on Monday. Then the second peak generally happened before the weekend, it means on Fridays.

13. A lot about a person’s mood can be depicted from a heartbeat. It has been researched.

14. To avoid any heart-related issues it has been suggested by a doctor to wake up slowly in the morning. We generally rush ourselves in the morning because of a lack of time. The other important thing to avoid heart-attack is to reduce the intensity of the evening workout.

15. Coconut water has lots of advantages and one among its most is, it has the ability to replace blood plasma because of its similar composition.

16. There can be a lot of reasons for a person’s divorce but in research, it has been concluded that the blood group can be responsible for the divorce. You must be wondering how? In research, a scientist has found that people with A blood group linked with a spouse of AB or O blood group likely to divorce. The human being with O blood group married to a spouse of the O blood group is good for the long haul and considered as the strongest couple.

17. A lot about your health can be said from your blood group it has been found that people with O blood group have chances to develop skin cancer or obesity.

18. People with type A Blood group must be careful about their cholesterol, chances are high they might at risk of coronary heart disease development.

19. It has been said about people with Type B blood that they are prone to diabetes and pancreatic cancer. You should be very careful about it.

20. In research, it has been found out that people with Type AB blood group have chances of cognitive impairment. This is not to scare you, it is a research which has been made. With a little precaution, you can look out for yourself.

This is all the interesting and mind-blowing facts about blood. We are definitely sure that this read is going to be a helpful read for you. So what are you waiting for, let us know what you feel about it?

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