20 Easy Things You Can Do To Help The Environment
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20 Easy Things You Can Do To Help The Environment Remain Green & Healthy

We all care about Motherland-Earth and we somehow want to contribute to its greener side. However, if you’re new to this you find it a bit difficult because the process demands a contribution which is quite overwhelming. (Also Check: 5 Horrible Effects Of ‘Climate Change’ You Should Know)

In this particular article, we are going to discuss certain steps that are easy to follow and one can adapt easily. These are the 20 easy things you can do to help the Environment remain green & healthy for our own better.

To make it easier for our readers we will mention all steps in points. Take a look.

Don’t Use Tea-bags, Buy Loose Leaf Tea Instead

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A lot of us prefer green tea these days and we use tea bags for this purpose which results in millions of microplastics, which is harmful to our environment. So instead of using tea bags prefer loose tea which is safe from environmental purpose.

Buy Secondhand Clothes

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This might sound a bit odd to you. Every new piece of clothing you purchase generates greenhouse gasses. Research had already been done on this so if you want to be conscious of our environment then the thing which you can do is use the second-hand clothes. Most of the clothes get rejected after one or two wear. Using second-hand clothes is a good option.

Buy Rechargeable Batteries

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The battery we use is a huge waste in the environment. Instead, use rechargeable batteries which is convenient and good for the long haul.

Skip Meat Meals Once a Week at least

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Every dish of meat requires a huge gallon of water and lots of hard work. It has been said that seven or more pounds of grain is used in the production of meat and it also requires a huge amount of water. So the best advice is if you are non-vegetarian at least go for a week without meat.

Use Cold Water for Washing Clothes

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The next time you do laundry try to wash your clothes in cold water and prefer air dry instead of using the dryer. The reason for the same is washing machines use 40 gallons of water per wash.

Use Old Wires as Hangers

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The extra wire hangers you use at home can be used by dry cleaners. So recycling it will contribute a little to our environment.

Use Biodegradable Litter

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Cat litter which we generally used contained lots of bentonite clay which is hard to break. It occupies a lot of lands, instead of using regular litter use the biodegradable litter.

Unplug All Devices

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The next in our list is easy from all above. Unplug your electronic devices when you don’t need them. We are asking for proper unplugging, even the switch is turned off, still, the device consumes a little amount of power.

Lower Brightness of All Screens

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Turning off the device brightness saves power. Use read mode in your phone or on Monitor while reading.

Switch to Match-sticks, Instead of Lighters

20 Easy Things You Can Do To Help The Environment_10

Prefer Matchstick over lighter. Lighter we generally use are disposable and required a huge amount of land to get disposed of. So the best suggestion is to use Matchstick over lighter.

Auto-Power Down is Better

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Those who spend a lot of time on Xbox and Ps4, they have this new option called auto power down when not in use. Use it as it will save lots of power. The other suggestion is don’t use stand by mode it consumes power.

Get to Water-Saving Shower Head

20 Easy Things You Can Do To Help The Environment_12

Replace your showerhead from time to time. The reason for the same is it will save the 1000- 8000 gallons of water per year.

Opt-in For Bamboo Toothbrush

20 Easy Things You Can Do To Help The Environment_13

Plastic is very harmful to our environment. So replace your plastic toothpaste with bamboo toothpaste. Go green should be your sole aim. The bamboo toothbrush is biodegradable.

Switch to Cloth Diapers

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Almost every second person uses a baby diaper at home which causes a huge amount of landfill waste. According to the survey done on baby diaper uses, it came to our knowledge that infant uses around 5 to 8 thousand diapers which is a huge amount and cause tonnes of landfill waste. The best suggestion is to prefer a cloth diaper instead of regular diapers. The key benefit of its use, it keeps baby skin soft.

Don’t Leave the Fireplace Damper Opened

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Fireplace when not in use keep it close which will not damage it and keep it healthy for the long run. It has been said that keeping damper open costs thousands of dollars in repairs.

Always Choose Professional Car Washer

20 Easy Things You Can Do To Help The Environment_16

We often think getting washed our car by professional is a huge waste of money and time, but from an environmental perspective, professionals are called professionals for reason. They use an optimal amount of water. The regular user consumes more water as compared to a professional which is not good. So the best way is to get your car washed by professionals.

Opt-out of Spam Emails

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The next one, for each one of us, spam mails used electricity. So do your earth a favor subscribes to the ones you want to receive. It has been found that 62 trillion spam messages are sent each year which requires electricity. this is not a lot to ask it will keep your email sorted too.

Prefer Eco-Friendly Search Engine

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You must be wondering what we are talking about here, but lots of search engine has been made keeping environmental issues in mind like Ecosia which donates 80% of their profit to the environment. The money generated from here helps in planting more trees. So the least we can do is use an eco-friendly search engine for browsing.

Don’t Ask for fast Delivery

20 Easy Things You Can Do To Help The Environment_19

Fast delivery, which we all prefer, generally requires vehicles which cause traffic which results in emission. We can literally skip all of this trouble by not preferring it. Opt-out of a fast delivery option that anybody can do easily.

Prefer Offline Music

20 Easy Things You Can Do To Help The Environment_20

Steaming music online causes the greenhouse gas effect. It has been observed that physical music records have fallen from 61 million kilograms (more than 134 million lbs) in the 2000s to about 8 million kilograms (more than 17 million lbs) in 2016. Downloading music for offline purposes contributes to our environment. However, streaming music online seems easy to us but it is damaging our environment.

These are all the key points which require our little attention and little improvement from our side can bring a lot of change. The thing about all the above-mentioned point is it didn’t ask much from us. Anybody can do it easily. Small changes from our side can bring a large change in our society.

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