10 Weird Things Women Actually Spend Money On
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10 Hilarious Things Women Actually Spend Money On

Well, it is not a secret that Women love Shopping, probably more than doing anything else. It could be anything they shop, but their favorite items are the Makeup items. Some studies say that a woman approximately spends about $15000 on makeup alone in her lifetime. But that’s not all.

Clothing items too are their favorite, right? We have already seen Fashion has reached a level that we didn’t even imagine. Apart from that, there are also several important smart accessories where their money goes. So far, so good.

But the problem starts when a woman start spending money on some weird and hilarious products which we are going to list here. Well, there are so many of these products but we have compiled the 10 most hilarious products where women actually spend money.

Check them out and let us know if you allow your woman to spend your wallet on any of these or how many of these.

Make-Out Practice Pillow

10 Hilarious Things Women Actually Spend Money On_1

Well, that’s a little… I don’t know what. But most of us have done this. Done what? Practicing make-out with our pillows in college days. Didn’t you? Aah, poor pillows. But not anymore. Now here are the real Make-Out Practice Pillow. Even suitable for lonely ones.

Foot Undeez

10 Hilarious Things Women Actually Spend Money On_2

Well, there’s not just one or two places for undies. Now, people even hopping undies for their feet too.

Emergency Bra

This is not just a Bra, but a lifesaver. Lifesaver not for just one, but for two. Yes, you read it correctly. As its name suggests, the Bra can be detached into two and can be used as 2 gas masks with independent strap systems.

10 Hilarious Things Women Actually Spend Money On_3

The Bra was invented by Dr. Elena Bodnar who has experience over 20 years and she is also the founder of the Trauma Risk Management Research Institute in Chicago. Dr. Bodnar even demonstrated this Emergency Bra at the MIT Museum. She invented this after getting inspired by the Chernobyl nuclear accident. Available in just B and C cup sizes at the moment, it costs $29.95.

The Smile Trainer

10 Hilarious Things Women Actually Spend Money On_4

Really? You need a trainer now to smile? Who in the world don’t smile or don’t know how to smile. Common.

Side Sleep Anti-Wrinkle Chest Breast Pillow

10 Hilarious Things Women Actually Spend Money On_5

Now, this sounds somewhat helpful for women. I may not say it a hilarious product, but a weird product. Anyway, as its name suggests, it comes very handy when you sleep inside the position. It prevents your two valuable stuffs from smashing each other and also keeps them wrinkle-free.

10 Hilarious Things Women Actually Spend Money On_6

This Anti-Wrinkle pillow provides breast support and comfortable nights’ sleep for side, back or stomach sleepers. It is even adjustable in length and straps to keep the balance between tightness and comfort. It is also very helpful for nursing mothers and women recovering from any breast-related or cardiac surgeries.

Handholding Mobile Cases

10 Hilarious Things Women Actually Spend Money On_7

Either its enough of the regular mobile cases or you need a better grip on the phone. In both cases, you can go for this hand-holding phone case. It also gives a feeling of somebody always holding your hands, so that you don’t feel lonely. But remember, it is really weird.

Ta-Ta Towels

10 Hilarious Things Women Actually Spend Money On_8

Well, they call it real-world lifestyle wear with ultimate comfort and lounge. They say its sweat-free, rashes free and wire-free. It is a towel, like all other towels for specific parts. This Ta-Ta towel is for your…!

Boyfriend Hug Buddy

10 Hilarious Things Women Actually Spend Money On_9

I feel sad for all those who buy it. So lonely they are. A hug is a thing everybody needs, every day, every hour. If you are missing it, you can o for this.

Wine Bra

10 Hilarious Things Women Actually Spend Money On_10

The ultimate hidden Booze flask technology. Yeah, it is a Sports Bra that can carry a full 750ml of your favorite beverage Including, Wine, Beer, Alcohol, Soda or any other cold beverage. Well, this could be handy events like concerts, movie theaters, etc.

So, which one of these have you spent your hard-earned money? Oh wait, did you even found these weird or all these sounds useful to you?

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