7 Types of Love As Per Psychologists only few get Number 7
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7 Types of Love As Per Psychologists, Fortunate People Experience the Last One

Types of love! Surprised? Well, yes! There are different types of love experienced by people.

An American psychologist Robert Sternberg has developed a 3-component love theory back in the 1980s. This theory was comprised of three factors including Emotional Intimacy, Passion, and Commitment. These three factors, in general, lead to the beautiful feeling of love.

Later, using this theory, Sternberg discovered about 7 different kinds of love. All thanks to him and his theory!

Here we are sharing all the 7 types of love. Although, all types of love are pretty common except the type 7 love. You’re very lucky if you experienced Type 7 love as it happens to very few people. So, keep reading further to know about it.

Love Type 1: Infatuation

This is the most common type of love that happens to people these days.

This basically happens when two people after spending some time together or talking to each other feel a mutual attraction. They don’t know much about each other and don’t even have anything in common or any future plans. They only develop some kind of liking for each other and thus stay together.

7 Types of Love As Per Psychologists_1

It is known as infatuation and generally, this relationship period doesn’t last for long because over certain time, when they get to know about each other better, sometimes they find that there is nothing in common between them.

Love Type 2: Liking

7 Types of Love As Per Psychologists_2

In this type of love, people have common interests and opinions. They are together in a relationship because of their similarities. They understand each other but there is no passion and commitment in their relationship. It should better be known as a friendship rather than love.

Love Type 3: Empty Love

7 Types of Love As Per Psychologists_3

As the name suggests, this type of love is only based on Commitment. There is no passion and understanding. Two people are in a relationship just because of their commitment. This type of love can be toxic and results in a suffocating relationship. However, the reverse of this can also happen. They might develop strong feelings and passion in their relationship due to commitment.

Love Type 4: Fatuous Love

7 Types of Love As Per Psychologists_4

This type of love is experienced by people who have commitment and passion in their relationship. This type of relationship lacks intimacy.

These couples are committed to each other and are passionate about their relationship and plan their future together but don’t have any kind of intimacy. Although their relationship lasts for longer but their happiness is not guaranteed.

Love Type 5: Romantic Love

7 Types of Love As Per Psychologists_5

In this type of love, couples experience passion and intimacy (mostly physical) but their relationship lacks commitment. They feel attracted to each other but don’t make serious commitments for their future.

Love Type 6: Companionate

7 Types of Love As Per Psychologists_6

There are commitment and intimacy but no passion. The couples have a strong bond with each other and have true attachment, however, this type of love lacks in freshness and spice. This type of love is experienced by people who are together for a long time, like marriage.

Love Type 7: Consummate Love

7 Types of Love As Per Psychologists_7

You’re very lucky if you experience this type of love. There are a few people who got all these factors fulfilled in their relationship. This love has all three components: Commitment, Emotional Intimacy, and Passion. Couples in such relationships share a very strong connection and truly love each other. They share a very happy and long-lasting relationship.

So, which Love category do you fall in? Are you among those fortunate ones who come in Type 7? Common, don’t be shy. Let us know too.

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