5 Richest Beggars In India
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5 Richest Beggars In India – These Millionaire Beggars Earn Better Than You

The subject of this article is hilarious. Richest Beggars. That’s amazing. In a world full of doctors, engineers, and other professions we are here giving a shout-out to those who do begging for a living. Begging is not something one should be proud of.

This thing came in light when the news of beggar with rupees 2 lakh in his pocket had been found dead.

In this particular article, we are going to discuss Top 5 beggars who are actually Millionaires. All the beggars are from India and earned this money from begging itself.

1. Bharat Jain

5 Richest Millionaire Beggars In India_1

The very first and the richest in this list is Bharat Jain. He is a 49-year-old man having assets of around 70 lakh. He owned two flats in a Parel locale. Other than this he also has one shop which he leased to a juicing community. He gets around Rs 10,000 rent from that shop. He revealed that he earned Rs 75000 consistently which is huge.

2. Krishna Kumar Gite

5 Richest Millionaire Beggars In India_2

The second on our list is a beggar from Mumbai named Krishna Kumar Gite. He usually spots near Charni Road in Mumbai. About his family, he has one brother who looks out for all his financial matters. He earns around Rs 1500 daily, by gegging of course. Other than this he owns a Flat in Nalasopara and has other assets of Rs 5 lakh.

3. Sambhaji Kale

5 Richest Millionaire Beggars In India_3

The third on our list is a beggar from Mumbai named Sambhaji kale. He begs near Khar locale in Mumbai. He looks out for his family. According to the source, he earns around Rs 1000 every day. Other than this he owned a flat in Virar and also made some land investment in Solapur city. Another interesting thing about him is he had made some investment plans and also have some funds worth lakhs in banks.

4. Sarvatia Devi

5 Richest Millionaire Beggars In India_4

The fourth one in the list is the only Richest Female Beggar named as Sarvatia Devi. She is from Patna and owns a house in Patna itself. She earns around Rs 300- 400 every day, and has a property worth Rs 10 lakhs. The pill which you find hard to swallow about her, she pays around Rs 36000 as protection premium.

5. Massu

5 Richest Millionaire Beggars In India_5

The last on our list is Massu also known as Malana Khan. He is in his mid-60s and begging is his source of living. He earns around Rs 1000 each day. He owns a property worth Rs 30 lakh. The flat he owned is in Andheri west.

This is something which can blow people’s minds and question which is popping in all of our minds, how one can earn this much from begging. The answer for the same is they put lots of effort into it and do the saving. Hard work always pays no matter what you do, this is true in this scenario. Let us know what you all think about it.

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