6 Secret Reasons Why You Can’t Get Pregnant

6 Secrets Why You Can’t Get Pregnant

There are many reasons we already know why women don’t get pregnant but there are some hidden and secret reasons too that most of us are just unaware.

In this particular article, we are going to discuss some of these hidden reasons that make you unsuitable for having a baby. But before jumping on that let us put some light on the major context which can be the reason for not getting pregnant, which is smoking. If you smoke then surely you have to drop that for getting pregnant. But for non-smokers who are struggling with this problem, the article is going to be a huge help for you.

The thing which we are going to discuss seems normal to most of us but in real life, these are something which should be taken care of. 

1. Junk Foods are No Way Healthy

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If you are the one who consumes lots of junk food then this must be for you. It seems so lame to us that, how possibly consuming trans fat can affect pregnancy? But these foods affect ovulation. So one thing that must be done right away is to stop eating junk food. Instead of eating these supplements of trans fat eat healthy food like bananas, almonds, yogurt, etc

 2. Don’t Over Workout Until Exhaustion

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If you’re the one who used to spend a lot of time in the gym, then this can be a problem. No doubt exercise helps in the process of fertility but it should be in the right amount. A lot of anything can be dangerous. Research already made on this, the long and intense exercise affects women.

 3. Being Skinny May Be Good For Show-Off, But Not For Baby

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We all are in a world where maintaining zero figure seems important to women but this can be a reason for you not getting pregnant. If you are the one who has lower than normal BMI then it will surely cause some adverse effect on your body like affecting your fertile cycle. So the very first thing is to keep yourself healthy. Maintain that normal BMI, consume the supplement which helps you to achieve it.

 4. Stressed Partner? Keep Him Happy.

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It is important to keep your partner happy because if he is stressed out it can be the reason. So try to interact and communicate at a spiritual level once in a while. The man can deliver best when he is in his best mood. Don’t take his anxious behavior lightly. Keep up with him.

 5. Keep Good Lubricant Choice

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To improve the chances of getting pregnant use effective lubricants. There are many lubricants available in the market use the best one. The appropriate ph level should be 7.2- 8.0. Some of the well-known websites also claimed that baby oil is the best of all lubricants. You can also try your hands on it.

 6. Wrong Fertility Calculation

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The last and least you can do is keep a good track of your fertility cycle. There are applications available in the market for this particular thing. It is very helpful when your period is uncertain so please download the one and keep track of your fertility cycle.

 These are some underrated stuff that one should know about getting pregnant. It will surely be going to help you. Let us know what you think of all the above points.

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