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Person Claims To Be Time Traveler, Says There are No Banks, Money or Wars in Year 2300

Time Travelling! Is this even for real or just a myth? Keep reading further to know about it.

Time Travel is one thing that makes everyone very curious. While there is no particular evidence for it to be true but at times, there are many rumors that circulate all over the internet.

Another such news has come into the limelight. A YouTube Channel named Apex TV has posted a video of a person who claims himself to be a time traveler. This video has gained a fair number of viewers.

Apex TV has posted similar videos before but in this particular video, the person doesn’t offer any proof of whether he’s true or not but has shared many interesting things about the future.

The person in the video, calls himself by the name Gerard Gardener. He claims that he traveled in the future, the year 2300 and came back with very interesting information.

Although, it is hard to believe but the channel on which the video is posted seems to be very genuine with over 1,000,000 subscribers. From the comments section, it looks like a majority of the viewers have believed and taken the man in that video quite seriously.

The man in the video Gardner says that he was an English government agent into a secret military campaign during the 1980s in which he was sent to the future.

He claims that there are floating cities in the future. They can move around easily and also, create minimum pollution.

Gardner says that it was possible because of the Anti-gravity technique which was able to levitate the city.

According to him, there are lots of work camps in the future where if you break any rules, then you have to pay your debts to society. He added that the prominent criminal has their consciousness recorded to a computer system, where they are imprisoned and enslaved forever.

It may sound weird but Gardner claims that there was no money, banks, and wars in the future.

He thinks that the future is a better place to live in. In the video, he even broke down in tears and told that if given a chance he would love to live there his whole life.

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