Nasa Chief Warns Human To Prepare For a Massive Meteor Strike
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Nasa Chief Warns People To Prepare For a Massive Meteor Strike – Earth To Face The Biggest Disaster

You may have seen or heard the rumors about incoming meteors striking the earth’s atmosphere many times on TV and social media. But this time, it’s not a rumor, the NASA administrative, Jim Bridenstine himself passed the statement. At the International Academy of Astronautics’ Planetary Defense Conference, Bridenstine warned the audience about a fair possibility of a huge meteor crashing into the surface of the earth.

He said, “We have to make sure that people understand that this is not about Hollywood. It’s not about movies. This is about ultimately protecting the only planet we know right now to host life, and that is the planet Earth”.

He recalled the similar incident that happened back in the year 2013 in Chelyabinsk, Central Russia, where a large meteor entered the earth’s surface and exploded. It was humongous with about 20 meters of diameter and a speed of about 40,000 mph.

“It was brighter in the sky than the sun at that point when it entered Earth’s atmosphere. And people could feel the heat from this object from 62 kilometers away… When it finally exploded 18 miles above the surface…it had…30 times the energy of the atomic bomb at Hiroshima. It damaged buildings in six cities,” Bridenstine told.

He further added, “I wish I could tell you that these events are exceptionally unique, but they are not”.

The chief explained that, although it is very common phenomenon when meteors enters the earth’s atmosphere but the one as huge as Chelyabinsk enters once in 6 decades or so.

But, these theories are generally taken as fake rumors.

“We know for a fact that the dinosaurs did not have a space program. But we do, and we need to use it,” Bridenstine said.

Jim Bridenstine is among the leading group of researchers who are suggesting the government to put more stress in the space programs to deal with the situations of incoming meteors and space debris.

Last year in December 2018, a huge meteor has exploded outside the earth’s orbit. However, This news has been unveiled recently. According to the news, the meteor crossed the Bering Sea, in the Pacific Ocean between Russia and Alaska.

Many scientists and researchers across the world have discovered the signs and possibilities of the incoming meteors. In fact, many of them recorded the blast too.

A scientist named Peter Brown at the University of Western Ontario, Canada has spotted the meteor in measurements which is picked up by at least 16 monitoring stations internationally.

The meteor was said to be 10 meters in diameter and had about 1400 tonnes of weight.

Peter Brown tweeted that it had an energy of 173 kilotons of TNT. It was such a huge amount that equals ten times the force of an atomic bomb. Although it seems unreal, this type of blasts has been recorded all over the world in the past few decades.

According to a researcher, “When you see these infrasound waves, you know immediately that there has been an impact or a large release of energy”.

After the Chelyabinsk meteor explosion happened in the year 2013 and a massive blast near Siberia, Russia in 1908, it was the third-largest meteor explosion.

In Siberia explosion in 1908, more than 900 hundred people were injured. The meteor weighed around 10 tons and had a speed of around 54,000 mph.

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