Tell Someone You Love Them Without Saying A Word

How To Tell Someone You Love Them Without Saying A Word

Love is the most wonderful thing that can ever happen to someone. The feeling is out of this world. When you are in love with someone, it is very important to express your feelings to them.

However, It is very easy to say ‘I Love You’  and it surely impacts the person’s heart. But as we all know “actions speak louder than words”, no matter how much you say ‘I love you’ but if your actions don’t match your words then it is useless. There are certain ways in which you can tell someone that you love them without using any words.

In this article, we are listing some of the best ways to express your love to some without saying anything. So, check these out!!

Here are 7 best ways to tell someone that you love them without saying even a word.

Follow The 5 Love Languages Of Gary Chapman

Gary Chapman has very beautifully summarized the ways of expressing and receiving love on his website and his book.

He has discovered 5 ‘love languages’, these are: Quality Time, Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service and Giving of Gifts.

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This is pretty much everything you need to be concerned about. These little things are basic and very important.

You just need to learn these languages and I guarantee that your partner will feel like the most loved person in this world.

Let Them Love You In The Way They Want To Do

It feels good to love someone, take care of them. But, if you want to make your partner feel that you love him, then let him love you in his own ways. Let him take care of you. It will make them feel connected to you.

It is very important to make the heart to heart connection with your partner. Give your partner the chance to do something special for you, this will make him feel good and loved.

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Lend Them Your Ears When They Need

This basically means, hear them patiently in difficult situations. This is very important specifically for a woman.

Everyone wants someone to hear them, they always need someone with whom they can share their feelings, their opinions, and problems. So, hear your partners patiently whenever they need. In fact, develop a habit of asking them regularly if they have any things to share. This will make them feel loved.

However, hearing someone does not always mean to advise them and criticize unnecessarily. You can surely put your point of view but don’t force them to follow your advice or opinions.

Better and mutual understanding is very important in a relationship.

Make Time For Something They Love To Do

Suppose, your partner loves dancing /cooking/gaming, or simply he loves some sport, then make time for it. Support and enjoy their hobbies together. This way, you can spend more time with them and they will feel most loved.

But, if you don’t like or enjoy your partner’s hobby then, simply find out a common hobby and do it together. Moreover, a small compromise doesn’t hurt in a meaningful relationship.

Be Very Supportive

We all need someone to stand by our side and support us at different points of life.

If you want to tell your partner that you love him without even saying anything then, become his support system. Because that’s what everyone needs at the end. Make them believe that they can rely upon you in their hard times. Don’t show your back when they need you. Support them regardless of how hard the situation is. This will make your bond unbreakable.

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Never Force Them To Change Themselves

Accept them wholeheartedly in the way they are. Don’t be so critical to them.There are many people who force their partners to behave, look, or live in the way they like. This makes them feel inferior and they start feeling trapped in the relationship.

So, set them free of any boundaries. Let them live as per their choices and accept them for who they are. Your partner should not feel guilty about his personality.

Don’t Hold Grudges

Know one thing very well, we all make mistakes that can hurt others unintentionally. Your partner is also a human, so don’t expect that he’ll never make any mistakes.

Infact, when they do so, don’t take it personally. The very obvious reason is, why would they hurt you intentionally? No way!

So, forgive them and try to understand their situations.

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