Early Symptoms Of Stomach Cancer and Stages

Early Symptoms Of Stomach Cancer And Its Stages

In today’s busy life, we hardly get time to take care of our health. The sedentary lifestyle is leading to health complications. People are falling prey to various diseases irrespective of gender, age and other factors. One of the main reasons behind this is carelessness.

Our body is designed in such a way that it warns using the form of early symptoms before things get worse. But, we ignore these symptoms and consider all this to be normal. However, there are some serious health problems which if not taken care of in the early stages can cost your life. Cancer is one of those dangerous diseases.

There are different types of cancer that can happen to any part of the body. Basically, cancer develops in the cell which further breaks down and spreads it into body. In this article, we are specifically talking about Stomach Cancer. So keep reading further to know more.

Stomach cancer has its own characteristics and symptoms. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Symptoms Of Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer occurs when the cancerous cells develop in the abdominal region. It doesn’t happen all of sudden, it takes years to grow. And hence, the victim notices it at the later stages.

It may start with several infections and ulcers in the stomach which later convert into dangerous tumors if not treated properly. The various causes behind stomach cancer include unhealthy eating habits, drinking habits and many more.

Various Causes and Symptoms of Stomach Cancer:

1. Smoking

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When it comes to lung cancer as well as stomach cancer, smoking is one of the leading causes which puts smokers at risk. So, if you’re someone who smokes, then you should quit it right now. It not only affects your health but also other people’s health around you.

2. Heredity

Cancer is a hereditary disease. If someone in your family has the same disease then, you’re more likely to suffer from it because genes play a very important role in transmitting it. Moreover, if you are having stomach ulcers then, be alert and start your treatment as soon as possible. Stomach ulcers can grow into serious tumors over time.

3. Loss Of Appetite And Weight Loss

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The victim may undergo a sudden weight loss. It is one of the most common symptoms of stomach cancer. The reason behind this is the loss of appetite. The person will suffer a noticeable decrease in his/her weight without even trying anything. This will further result in fatigue and weakness. These are the early signs which point towards cancer.

One of the most common mistakes people make here is to consider it normal and trying out different ways and changing food habits to regain weight, which is absolutely useless. Your body is warning you and you should take it really seriously before it gets too late. The first and foremost thing one should do is to visit a doctor and go for a proper check-up rather than ignoring it. Get all the tests and diagnosis done and start your treatment as soon as possible.

4. Heat Burns And Abdominal Pain

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Many of you may consider this to be normal problems related to digestion. But, both of these problems are closely related to stomach cancer. If you’re facing these issues very often then, go to a doctor and get your check-up done rather than self-treating it.

The stomach pain in such cases becomes unbearable and happens commonly after eating something. Due to this reason, people start avoiding food and suffer from loss of appetite. The most common as well as a BAD idea is to treat these issues by self by taking various painkillers and antibiotics rather than getting proper treatment. If you’re doing this, then you need to stop right now and visit your doctor.

Talking about the heartburn, it is also very common. If you feel the inflammation and heat sensation in your stomach quite often then, it is a red alert. These issues point towards stomach ulcers which can further result in dangerous tumors.

Different Stages Of Stomach Cancer

As we have already mentioned, nothing happens all of sudden. A disease takes time to grow, making enough room for you to save yourself from the upcoming danger.

There are four main stages of stomach cancer. At different stages, the patient suffers from different symptoms and characteristics. As the stages pass, the recovery from cancer becomes less possible and on reaching the fourth and last stage, there are almost no chances to save your life. But, in the early stages, there are fairly higher chances of recovery and also faster. The troubles keep on increasing in the later stages.

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Stage 1:

This is the earliest and the best time to treat cancer. It is the time when the cancerous cells or tumor has just developed. The treatment at this time is the easiest and there are fairly high chances of faster recovery. The reason behind this is, cancer hasn’t began to spread in the body and is just inside the stomach.

Middle Stages: Stage 2 & Stage 3

This is the time when the cancer starts to spread in the whole body and become worse. In these stages, the treatment becomes difficult and the chances of recovery also get lesser. Although, the treatment is difficult it is not impossible. During these stages, the symptoms becomes very noticeable.

Last Stage: Stage 4

This is the final stage of cancer where it spreads all over the body and starts affecting the other organs. It is the stage where the treatment seems the toughest and recovery becomes doubtful.

This is the stage where the chances of being alive become least. It is the time where the patient suffers the most. However, the treatment is not entirely impossible but is very difficult. The best idea is to treat the disease before it reaches the final stage.

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