Greta Thunbergs Stare at_Trump

Greta Thunberg’s Death Stare at Trump and Her Speech at the UN Climate Summit Gone Viral

Many of you have already come across a video of a teenage girl, which is going viral on the internet.

The girl named Greta Thunberg is a young climate activist. On Monday, 23 September, she made her presence in the UN Climate Summit and gave a very strong worded and aggressive speech. She accused the world leaders of failing the youths and her generation. Greta has left everyone stunned who was present at the summit. (Also See: The Iconic Show Simpsons Predicted Greta Thunberg and Trump Decade Ago)

According to Thunberg, the reason behind the extreme climate change has been “crystal clear” for more the thirty years. She has accused the world leaders for this. She emphasized that the most powerful people on the planet had failed to take meaningful action to save the planet. By saying all this, she indirectly pointed towards US President Donald Trump.

She said, “You are still not mature enough to tell it like it is, you are failing us. But young people are starting to understand your betrayal”.

Apart from the strong speech, one more thing has been noticed. And that is the ‘death stare’ the young activist has given to Donald Trump, who was also present there.

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It seems like, president Donald Trump has noticed it. He tweeted the video of the emotional speech with a sarcastic comment: “She seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!”

The sixteen-year-old Thunberg has started the global School Strike movement with her weekly school strikes in Sweden. From there, she has come a long way to New York for the climate summit and crossed paths with President Donald Trump himself.

According to Thunberg, she came to New York with a little hope that she would be able to convince the president to take necessary actions for climatic conditions. She said, “I say ‘listen to the science’ and he obviously does not do that. If no-one has been able to convince him about the climate crisis and the urgency, why would I be able to?”

After the speech gone viral, it has taken the internet by storm. There is a mixed reaction from the viewers. While some of the viewers are praising the courage of the young activist, some are involved in trolling her.

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This is indeed very pathetic how a sixteen-year-old girl is being trolled for a very serious and much-needed speech for saving our planet.

Thankfully, some of the sensible viewers came forward in her defense. One user tweeted, “To all the sad, pitiful, and pathetic internet trolls on this thread who are hiding behind their computers and trashing this young woman—Greta is million times braver, kinder, compassionate and intelligent than you will ever be.”

To this tweet, another user replied :

“I agree with you. The losers who are trashing her are pathetic little $hits. She is a 16-year old child…who trashes a child? Oh yeah, nameless, faceless internet trolls….that’s who. ”

Greta Thunbergs Stare at Trump_5 Greta Thunbergs Stare at Trump_3 Greta Thunbergs Stare at Trump_4

Here is one more tweet that emphasizes the correctness in the speech of young Greta Thunberg.

“You have to be an amazing idiot to think we can continue as we did the past years. We have to conserve natural resources, we have to find sustainable ways of living. Plastics have been amazing – but now it’s time to find other solutions. Energy has to be found in different ways – oil is a limited supply. We are killing ourselves if we continue on like this. But nobody listened to scientists the past 30 years.. so… I don’t believe that after the dust has settled, anyone will listen to a child. People need to change, but that’s uncomfortable. We are too spoiled. One is never too old to learn nor too young to teach.”

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