The Simpsons Show Predicted Greta Thunberg
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The Simpsons Predicted Future: The Iconic Show Even Predicted Greta Thunberg

The Simpsons Did It First: People Think The Iconic Show Predicted Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg is the name which you can’t unheard these days. She is all over the internet. The young activist is praising all across the globe for her outspoken words towards the environment. But here we are talking about the thing which is also has been talking about days after the rise of Greta Thunberg.

No doubt, The Simpsons is famous and most-watched shows because of the witty humor they put in shows. The show is alluring and captivating. But recently the news has been spread by the viewers that Simpson somehow predicted the rise of young activist Greta Thunberg.

Everybody is held hostage by this news because according to the source the rise of young activists had been already predicted by Simpson in Episode number 17 of 20th season named as “The Good, The Sad and the Drugly”. Probably decades ago, they knew Donald Trump will be President of America and there will be a Lisa Simpson in the form of Greta Thunberg.

According to viewers and keen observant of shows, Greta Thunberg role was supposed to be played by Lisa in the show. According to that episode, Lisa was supposed to write the report on Springfield in the year 2059. In her discovery for the submission of the report, she discovered some harsh and brainstorming truth like a world war being supposed to happen for a tiny drop of water, water has been replaced by the soap for drinking purpose and the last polar bear committing suicide. After reading about this stuff she was all anxious and depressed. Later she discussed her dark visions about global warming with their classmates.

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That was all about the show but after Thunberg’s speech at the UN, it became quite clear for the fan of Simpsons. They start comparing them both and some of them start calling Greta Thunberg is the real-life version of Lisa. The thing which draws people to this is that outspoken speech at UN. Both seemed anxious, furious and concerned at the same time.

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Just after the speech, there was this chaos on twitter where people were praising Greta and calling her the Real-life version of Lisa Simpson.

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Apart from this, fans also created the death stare moment in which Greta gave this iconic death stare to Mr. President. It is going viral on the internet.

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This all is quite interesting. Fans and keen observer of shows claimed that Simpsons predicted so many things on their shows. Let’s put some light on this context one by one.

1. Donald Trump Will Be President of America

The show predicted the presidency of Donald trump which is quite brainstorming because it was predicted on shows 16 years ago before the actual presidency. In the show, they also claimed that he will win the election which is totally true.

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2. Defective Voting Machine

Other than this they also predicted the faulty voting machine in their show. There was this rumor in 2008 that Obama’s vote had been replaced by Mitt Romney and four years later the same thing happened in Pennsylvania which draw us to this faulty voting machine theory.

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3. Simpsons Three-Eyed Fish

The show also predicted the existence of three-eyed fish and the similar fish was found in Argentina.

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4. Game of Thrones Season 08 Plot

The Simpsons also predicted the mad queen scenario of GOT. They predicted the plot twist.

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5. There Will Be Smartwatches

In the 90s, Simpsons one of the characters using the smartwatch in the show. However, it took almost 20 years for Apple to launch its smartwatch.

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6. 20th Century Fox Will Be Owned By Disney

They also predicted in one of their episodes back in 1998 that Disney will buy the 20th Century Fox and 19 years later Disney did purchase it.

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If you had watched this show keenly, you will know what we are talking about and how surprisingly beautiful it is to know. Most of the things happening in this world already predicted by the characters of Simpsons. So it was just not the trending phase where fans comparing the Greta Thunberg with Lisa Simpson.

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