10 Risky Things You Probably Do in Car While Driving
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10 Risky Things You Probably Do in Car While Driving

Driving is not at all a safe job. It includes a lot of problems and danger. The most common things done by drivers are rash driving, dangerous passing, drinking and driving and using cellphones while driving. Every year around 1.3 million people die in road accidents. And it is a huge and alarming number. In this article, we have gathered about 10 such dangerous and risky things people do while driving which can be fatal. These should be kept in mind while driving to avoid road accidents.

Joining the Radio, Singing, and driving

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Everyone loves music and everyone loves to sing along with the radio and driving. You enjoy doing this but that is a pretty bad and dangerous idea.

Driving needs concentration and it is mostly seen that when you drive you either get too emotional, too excited or too overwhelmed by the sound of music. So, that is why it is not at all advised to sing along with the radio while driving. It takes a few seconds to lose control and harm your life.

Keep Your Ears Open, No Headphones While Driving

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Headphones and earphones are survival these days. People use them everywhere to avoid chaos. They often use it while driving which is a pretty bad idea. If you put your headphones while driving then you will not be able to hear the sounds of horns and other vehicles which may, in turn, lead to accidents.

There are people who feel sleepy after listening to music, so what if you sleep while driving. There are many consequences. Keep your ears open for other sounds too.

High Heels While Driving?

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Wearing high heels when you are driving is a really bad idea. They are uncomfortable. Heels can get stuck in the floorboard or you may slip or get off balance which will lead to accidents. So if you are planning to wear heels to go to a party while driving just keep a pair of spare flats with you.

Never Put Your Feet on the Dashboard

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If you have a habit of putting your feet or legs on the dashboard, then change that habit because it may turn out to be dangerous. You should read an incident that went viral and made people aware and alert of not keeping the feet on the dashboard of your car.

During an emergency or accident, the person sitting with his legs on the dashboard may get hurt badly. The chances are you may get injured by directly hitting on your mouth. Also, you have less control over your body in this position, and that position will make you incapable of handling or preventing that trauma.

Don’t Sleep Sitting Next to the Driver

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Sleeping is not allowed whether you are driving or not. Even when you are not driving then too you should not sleep because watching one person sleep makes another person sleepy.

So if you sit in the passenger seat and want to take a nap, just don’t! Because it’s a scientific fact that if you see someone yawning then automatically you will feel drowsy too. A sleep researcher and a professor of biology at Regensburg University, Juergen Zulley says that sleeping passengers especially beside the driver’s seat can make him drowsy too which will eventually lead to accidents and loss of your life.

So all the passengers should stay awake and should check upon the driver if he is yawning.

No Texting While Driving

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People are so much into cellphones these days that they don’t leave them, they don’t stop using them. They take them everywhere they go. It is a general rule that we all should keep our phone idle while driving, especially no texts and no calls!

If you will follow this rule it will save you from many problems and dangers. Because texting while driving will lead to accidents by deviating the driver’s attention.

Even when the device is handsfree, you should not use it because it takes away your concentration from the roads. And according to some studies, more and more usage of the phone will reduce the vision of the driver and so the accidents will happen.

Don’t Make the Car Your Changing Room

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In this hectic life, people are so busy that they have so little time for themselves. Sometimes they are in a hurry so they change their clothes in the car while driving that may lead to loss of your life as driving needs concentration. Imagine you are changing and suddenly a truck at a full speed appears. What will you do? You will panic and this can lead to accidents. So why wear your life on the sleeve when you can wear your clothes at home. Being late is better than being Gone.

Driving Time Is Not Suitable to Love Pets

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We all love our pets, we treat them just like we treat our family members. We love them a lot and are kind towards them but this kindness and love should be in your heart and your home is the best place to show and keep them. They will be safe and you will be safe too.

You make your pet sit on your lap but it is quite dangerous as it will create problems in driving. And if your pet is sitting with you then make sure it is properly trained to not jump while the car is moving.

There are a lot of possibilities that if you are driving with your pet you will get distracted as your pet may push, scratch or bark and you will get disturbed.

Its Hands and Feet. Not the Knees and Elbows

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Using your knees or elbows for driving is dangerous. Sometimes you are busy handling the things or maybe you are on a call or you are busy eating something so you use your elbows or knees to drive. It is nothing but dangerous. Driving will not be safe and you can get injured .

Reading while Driving, Really?

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Texting while driving, reading while driving these are just so dangerous. If you read during driving, stop doing that. If you don’t then don’t read while driving because you will get distracted and will suffer from the loss of your life. There is nothing wrong with waiting until you reach the destination.

This was the list of all the things that you should avoid doing in a car or vehicle. If you do any of the thing then just stop doing it. Be Safe.

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