15 Disturbing Truths About Heath Ledger_Joker

15 Disturbing Truths About Heath Ledger – The Joker

Heath Ledger is known for his most iconic role in Christopher Nolan’s movie ‘The Dark Knight’. Joker is one such character that has gained enormous fan following and success in spite of being a negative role. Personally, I can say neither there was nor there will be any other Joker who can surpass Heath Ledger’s Joker. But here are 15 Disturbing Truths about Heath Ledger’s Joker not everybody knows.

His performance as the most iconic villain ‘Joker’ in The Dark Night is still fresh in the heart of fans and is celebrated. Unfortunately, the actor is no more to see the enormous love and support of his fans for his performance. Indeed, his contribution will never be forgotten by Cinema.

But, you will be surprised to know that Heath Ledger worked really hard to play that role of Joker in The Dark Knight. He dived himself deeper in order to play the most disturbed villain ever. And, that is probably the reason behind the success.

In this article, we brought you some lesser-known but surprising facts about Heath Ledger’s portrayal of Gotham City’s master criminal, The Joker.

1. Diving Deep Down In The Character

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As we already mentioned, Heath Ledger dived deeply in dark to get into the character. For achieving the psychology of the disturbed Joker, he isolated himself from everyone into a hotel room and prepared his mind for playing the most negative role. He spent this time mastering the small details about the character ‘Joker’ like his sinister laugh and his voice to keep it real.

2. Heath Ledger Directed Himself a Scene of Joker in the Movie

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Do you remember the scene in The Dark Knight where two homemade videos were sent to the Gotham City News by Joker in order to promote terror amongst the city?

These videos were directed by Heath Ledger himself. The first video where Joker was torturing Fake Batman was supervised by Christopher Nolan. After that, Christopher Nolan was so much impressed by Ledger that he allowed him to take full control over the second videotape. So, the second video where the reporter Mike Engel reads Joker’s statement was directed all by himself.

3. The Joker’s Sudden Appearance Made Other’s Forget Their Lines

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The actors, Michael Caine who played Alfred Pennyworth and Maggie Gyllenhaal who played Rachel Dawes, hadn’t seen Ledger with the makeup and Costume of Joker prior to the party scene. It’s reported that, on seeing Joker (Ledger with full makeup and costume on) both the actors were so overwhelmed that Michael Caine completely forgot his lines whereas Maggie Gyllenhaal was even unable to look at him.

4. Heath Ledger Created His Own Make-Up Design For The Joker

15 Disturbing Truths About Heath Ledger Joker_4

You will be amazed to know that the Makeup design for the Joker character was created by Heath Ledger himself. The actor stated that he didn’t think his character would allow anyone else to apply his makeup for him. Also, the look was somewhat inspired by Brandon Lee’s character in The Crow. Coincidentally, Lee also passed away prior to his film release.

5. Joker’s Clap Wasn’t in the Script, But Director Kept Shooting

There is one of the most praised scenes in the movie where Joker mockingly claps inside the jail when Gordon was promoted as the commissioner. This scene was not in the actual script, Ledger improvised this scene during the take on his own and Nolan asked the crew to keep shooting it.

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