8 Signs You are Mentally and Emotionally Exhausted
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8 Warning Signs You Are Mentally and Emotionally Exhausted

Sometimes, “It’s okay to not being okay” but if you’re continuously feeling this way then, it is definitely a warning sign. You might be seriously Mentally and Emotionally Exhausted.

On a day to day basis, we come across many situations that make us feel accordingly. But, at times we ourselves realize our sudden behavioral changes irrespective of the situations. We start feeling disconnected from the world and become isolated. At these times, we don’t even know the reason behind all this and adopt this as a normal routine.

A term is used for this condition is the “burnout”. It is a state of chronic stress that leads to physical, mental and emotional exhaustion and lack of accomplishment. It doesn’t happen all of sudden, all of this mental stress and exhaustion keeps building up over time that we don’t even realize.

This is where we need to have “self-awareness”. It is time to act on our self-care and save ourselves from getting into the dark side.

In this piece of writing, we are listing the 5 most common warning signs that show that you’re Mentally and Emotionally Exhausted and need some help immediately. So, without wasting much time, let’s begin!

You Get Irritated Over Small Things

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This is the most common warning sign that tells a lot about your poor mental health. You start feeling emotionally drained and feel hopeless. All of this, makes you get irritated easily. You may also feel tired and sleepy and lack of power.

You’re Suffering From Insomnia / Struggling To Sleep

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This is another and biggest warning sign that points towards your mental stress. Insomnia is very common in the early stages of burnout. Your mental exhaustion and overwhelming thoughts don’t let you sleep. You fail to calm down your thought process and suffer Insomnia. If not taken care of, Insomnia can later turn into a persistent night ordeal.

You Suffer Lack Of Motivation

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In situations like these, one suffers from a lack of motivation or low motivation levels. It eventually results in, lack of focus, poor concentration, and forgetfulness.

After constantly feeling like this, you may find yourself lagging behind everything. You’re unable to get your work done on time and in a proper manner even after pushing hard. You find it impossible to reach the goals set by you. You’re basically struggling.

You Always Feel Like Crying Without Any Reason

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You start feeling vulnerable. Your overwhelming thoughts are making you hypersensitive that even the slightest thing like a joke can make you cry. You may feel like others are targeting you, they are attacking you. In these situations, you feel crying can help you get things off your chest.

You Feel Detached From Everyone

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When you’re in burnout stages, you become too numb to feel anything. You don’t feel good or bad, you’re just neutral. You don’t feel like having anyone in your life and hence, isolate yourself from others. You start giving up on your relationships, family, and friends.

Your Health Gets Affected Adversely

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Poor health condition is very obvious in burnout stages. You become sleep deprived and your eating habits also change drastically and you fall prey to a number of diseases. Skin breakouts, pale skin, nausea, headache are some common effects.

You Start Feeling Bad About Yourself / Self -Hatred

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Your motivation drops to the lowest levels. And then, self-hatred takes place. You start feeling bad about yourself and start living a life full of guilt. You think of yourself as a culprit for all the mishappenings with you. In later stages of burnout, many people even try to harm themselves.

You Feel Sudden Urge For Intoxication

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You develop certain habits of intoxication. Your head becomes so much overpowered by the exhaustive thoughts that you find a way to release them through drinking alcohol, smoking, drugs. These habits become very dangerous later. Your body gets affected adversely.

So, if you experience these warning signs then you should take immediate action for your self-care. Just back off from everything for a while and calm yourself. Breath and give your mind some rest. Take help from your family and friends.

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