50 Hilarious Photoshop By James Fridman
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50 Most Hilarious Photoshop Requests Fulfilled By James Fridman

If it is about Photoshop-ing pictures, the name James Fridman is anyhow related to it. If you don’t know, James Fridman is a designer who used to photoshop pictures on people’s requests. Anybody can send him their picture and ask him to make changes as they want and he used to do it. Only until James realized it is bigger fun to Troll those pictures after editing. And that makes those pictures really amazing. Here we are adding such 50 most hilarious Photoshopped pictures you may wanna look at.

1. Now that looks cool.

hilarious-photoshop-by-james-fridman (1)

2. Bro James, you’re genius. You erased exactly what he asked for.

hilarious-photoshop-by-james-fridman (5)

3.That’s a Human Giraffe, one of a kind.

hilarious-photoshop-by-james-fridman (23)

4. That was indeed an Ugly creature. Thanks for removing it.

hilarious-photoshop-by-james-fridman (3)

5. Now he is doing it at the right place.

hilarious-photoshop-by-james-fridman (15)

6. Well, there’s Eyefell Tower. Saw it for the first time.

hilarious-photoshop-by-james-fridman (30)

7. You are everywhere.

hilarious-photoshop-by-james-fridman (26)

8. That’s really Super Big. I hope she’s happy now.

hilarious-photoshop-by-james-fridman (35)

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