Vermont is Paying $10000 for Work From Home

Vermont is Paying People $10,000 to Move There and Work From Home

Vermont is known for its beautiful natural landscape and lavish lifestyle. It is a wonderful tourist destination. This beautiful place is an attraction to many.

What is better than being in Vermont but not just as a tourist but settling theirs with a job that will offer a handsome salary.

If you’re someone who is looking for a decent job then, here is the perfect opportunity for you. Vermont is paying a whopping $10,000 to move their and work from home.

One of the reasons behind this step taken by Vermont is the state’s aging population. From the last two decades, Vermont is struggling with a low population and hence, low consumption and wealth. So, this measure targets boosting the much-needed infrastructure of the state.

It is a very good opportunity for someone who wants to start afresh. Vermont is a very good idea.

Last year on May 30, 2018, Governor of Vermont Phil Scott signed a bill. According to the bill, $10,000 will be given to everyone who will move in and stay there and work remotely.

As per the reports, the state Vermont will offer the complete amount of $10,000 to the people who wish to move Vermont.

There are some terms and conditions that must be fulfilled for this offer. It says, if anyone wishes to move in the state should be a full-time employee of a company and should work remotely. According to Governor Phill Scott,

We have a demographic problem in the state. We need more people.

This measure will hopefully boost the much-needed base for Vermont and its population.

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From Jan 1, 2019, the state has started accepting the applications for the program. Moreover, the applications will be granted on the first-come, first-serve basis.

At the time when the bill was signed, a huge capital of $500, 000 was allocated for this program. This grant will be used to cover the cost that will be incurred in the relocation for new residents in the state. This amount will also be used to cover the software and hardware infrastructure needed for the jobs and the transition.

“We hope it will help recruit workers to our state and serve as a solid building block in developing solutions to the demographic challenges we face,” said Gov. Phil Scott in a statement.

The reports of the US Census Bureau suggest that Vermont has the nation’s 3rd highest median age i.e 42.7 years. As a matter of fact, the population of Vermont is only around 600,000 and there has not been much increment in it, which is why this measure has been taken.

Sources say, that lawmakers have set aside $500,000 for this program. Moreover, the Fox Business reports show that the Remote Worker Grant program has received more response than expected which has used over $125,000 already.

There are even reports that say, a few thousand more applications and interested parties are most likely to drain out the entire fund. The same report also says that an amount of $375,000 is still available as for now.

The commissioner of the Vermont Department of Economic Development Joan Goldstein told Route Fifty that, “It’s a great outcome.  People are moving from metropolitan areas all over the country, and moving into rural areas and small towns, just spreading out throughout the state”.

Now, the biggest question arises here is that what is the requirement to recruit people from all over the country to settle in Vermont.

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Well, here is a detailed explanation for this scenario.

So, as we already mentioned above that the state is going through the ageing population and which is resulting in low consumption and wealth of the state. To cure this, the state needs more workers and taxpayers to boost the base. Therefore, this is program is great option for those who want to start something new and want to settle in Vermont. Till now, the program has been considered and enjoyed by many software developers, digital designers and financial professionals who are interested in working remotely.

Because it is a wonderful opportunity, the program has received thousands of applications because everyone wants to grab this offer and become a resident in Vermont alongside a decent job. But, there a number of conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to enjoy the benefits. These include that, the applicant should be a full-time employee who can work from home or even a co-working space in the state for an out-of-state business. As we already told that the application process has been started already from January 1, 2019.

Apart from it, there is also some sort of tax implications. The reason for this is that the employee will be working for an out-of-state business. Goldstein says,

You will have to pay income tax in Vermont even if you earn it outside of the state. The whole idea of getting more people is because we need to broaden the tax base … but if you are moving from New York, taxes are less here.

Surprisingly, while it is a good opportunity for many people across the country, a majority of Vermonters are unhappy with this decision.

“A lot of people, they’re concerned or they’re not getting it. They’re like, ‘Why are you paying people from outside and you’re not paying Vermonters?’” says Goldstein. “But I think they understand that there is an issue about getting more people, and the more people that come to the state, the more we can share the tax burden.”

Indeed this program is one of the best opportunities for the people but if somehow this doesn’t suit your interests then here is another program for you. It is known as Stay to Stay program which was launched back in March 2018.

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With Stay to Stay program, you can sign up for a trip that connects visitors with local employers and the realtors. This program is basically a vacation that will also let people decide if they want to shift there.

The tourist will arrive here on Friday evenings and greeted by the local officials who will provide a welcome reception. They can explore the state in next to days and enjoy as a guest. On Monday, they will be invited to local businesses open houses and can also meet the realtors to become a resident in the state and shift there.

Goldstein says that, Stay to Stay program is also a very good opportunity and is a huge success. According to her, at the last time the program was hosted, more than 140 guests arrived and out of which 7 guests moved to the State and became a Vermont resident.

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