7 Cancer Related Myths and Reality
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7 Cancer Related Myths and Reality – Some Relief for those Scared of Getting Cancer

Don’t Be Scared of Cancer Every Time You See a Related Symptom: Here Is Why

Cancer is havoc among people. It is unusual that people scare the most of cancer. The word ‘Cancer’ itself is connected to fear. If people find some unusual changes in their body, the first thing comes to their mind is the fear that it might be a cancer symptom. But it is not right every time. Self-diagnosis by reading on the internet is the root of these myths and fear of cancer.

In this article, we are bursting some of the most common myths regarding cancer. Keep reading to find out!!

Most importantly, we are not asking you to ignore the symptoms but do not panic and self diagnose yourself with cancer, instead, go to your doctor and get yourself checked.

Myth 1: Hair growing through a mole is a cancer symptom.

7 Cancer Related Myths and Reality_1

Reality: If there is a hair growing through your mole then, don’t panic. It is most likely not to be melanoma. In fact, it is likely to be benign. The fact is, the skin does not alter when a hair grows through a mole and if a person has cancer then the hair may not find a channel to grow. In most cases, it is not cancer but a regular thing. But, just to be sure it is a good idea to consult a doctor.

Myth 2: All The Benign Tumour Transform Into Cancer.

7 Cancer Related Myths and Reality_2

Reality: It is another myth that all benign tumours will become cancer. However, it is not completely true. Most of the benign tumour does not transform into cancer. Breast Tumours like fibroadenomas and ovarian cysts, womb fibroids are least likely to transform into cancer.

However, there are some exceptions like colon polyps which is very dangerous and can transform into cancer later. It is better to remove it.

Myth 3: Painful Bumps and Knots Are Cancerous.

7 Cancer Related Myths and Reality_3

Reality: Before believing this myth, know that most of the cancerous bumps are painless. So, don’t get scared if you are having a painful bump on the skin, it’s not cancer but some other infection that needs to be treated immediately. So, go and see your doctor.

Myth 4: Long Lasting Symptoms are signalling towards Cancer.

7 Cancer Related Myths and Reality_4

Reality: People often fear that the problem they’ve suffered from years is cancer. But, it is a common sense that if it had been cancer then it would’ve killed them a long ago. Cancer symptoms don’t last for years. If you’re suffering from something from years, then It is not likely to be cancer but some other serious illness. Don’t ignore it, immediately see a doctor and start your treatment.

Myth 5: “Cancer Is Becoming Younger”.

7 Cancer Related Myths and Reality_5

Reality: Nowadays, it is believed that cancer is becoming younger, which means that cancer is getting prevalent to younger people these days. But, it is a complete myth. According to a survey in the US, the average age of a person diagnosed with cancer is above 55 years and the under 20 years Cancer patients are only 1%.

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