Common Etiquette Rules to Follow
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20 Common Etiquette Rules We Must Follow For Better Social Life

There is a very famous saying by Clarence Thomas “Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.”

This is indeed an apt quote that shows the importance of good manners. No matter how higher your qualification is, how much rich you are but if you lack the good manners and etiquette then everything you’ve achieved in life is totally worthless.

Everything you do in daily life has some common rules of etiquette, whether it is holding your handbag or simply shaking hands with colleagues.

Here, we are listing the 20 common Etiquette rules you should follow. So without further ado, let’s get started!

20 Etiquette Rules You Should Know and Follow:

1. Always leave a bite on your plate after eating. Eating everything on a plate until it gets clean is not considered as good mannerism.

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2. Never make an announcement whenever you go to pee. For example, don’t say “I’m going to pee” instead say “I’ll be back in a few minutes”.

3. Never make eye contact while sipping your drink.

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4. Always wear your handbag on the left hand and keep your right hand free for other purposes like shaking hands.

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5. Always reply to the invitations within 24 hours. Inform them if you can not make it to the visit.

6. Do not talk to the waiters in a rude manner, or don’t snap at them. Instead, talk to them politely. Wave your hands in a friendly manner rather than snapping at them.

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7. If someone asks you to pass the salt, never pass it without pepper. Pass salt and pepper together.

8. Clinking the glasses during a toast is very common, everyone does that but it is not a good way. So, instead of clinking the glasses, simply raise them, say “cheers” and just drink.

9. We should always wear some perfume to fight bad odor and stay fresh. But this doesn’t mean that one should drench himself in a lot of perfume that may bother the others. Always wear a little perfume and that too a mild one.

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10. After exercising in the gym, many of us carelessly leave the equipment where they are. This is not the right way, always place the equipment at their place after using it.

11. Pointing at someone with an index finger is considered to be rude. Never do that.

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12. We know, we are living in an era where the use of technologies is everything. Socialization is often limited to social media platforms and instant messengers. But always discuss important things by having a face-to-face conversation instead of discussing over emails and messages or calls.

13. Never block the Escalators by standing parallel to someone. Always stand in a line, leaving enough space for others to pass by.

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14. Never hold someone hostage while having one-sided phone calls.

15. While having a handshake, it should have a powerful and confident grip instead of a “dead fish” handshake.

16. When someone gives you their phone to see a picture, don’t swipe right/left. Just see the picture and return their phone as it is.

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17. Don’t overuse social media. Don’t spam other feed by posting a number of times unnecessarily.

18. Never look into someone’s phone while they are using it.

19. If you’re planning to visit your friends or family place, then always take something with you as a gift. For example, Flowers, chocolates or any other snacks.

20. Everyone loves to receive gifts but always give return gifts after receiving your presents.

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