Bedtime Habits to Lose Weight Tips

5 Bedtime Habits to Lose Weight Easily

In today’s life, most of us are leading to a sedentary lifestyle which is the root cause of obesity. Everyone wants to get fit and lose weight but due to the busy schedule, it’s difficult to follow a healthy regime. But, in this article, we are providing you some great night time habits by following which you can shred those extra pounds of fat easily. So, without further ado, let’s get started!!

According to studies, our body burns 300-400 calories during the night. This is rough equals to burning calories by running vigorously for an hour.

Experts say that sleeping is equivalent to an exercise. If you want to take advantage of your sleep then you have to include certain habits to your bedtime for increasing your metabolism rate and make it work.

1. Keep Your Bedroom Cold

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According to some studies, keeping the bedroom cold (around 18°C) boosts metabolism. Expert says that cooler environment activates the fat cells which are responsible for the thermoregulation. Hence, when you sleep in a cold room, your body burns more energy to maintain body heat.

2. Have a protein snack before bedtime

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Have a protein-rich snack before sleeping. Greek Yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, lean meat, and peanut butter are great healthy options. Eating protein snacks will help in boosting the metabolic rate and will also help in muscle building.

3. Drink grape juice before sleeping.

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When it comes to fat-burning drinks, grape juice tops the list. It is extremely good for burning calories as it has a special substance known as resveratrol. It converts the bad body fat into beige fat which in turn keeps your body warm when you sleep. If you have a cup of grape juice before bed, it will burn the excess fat in your body. But make sure the grape juice you drink doesn’t have added sugar, keep it fresh instead.

4. Perform Resistance Training before Bedtime

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It is the best way to shed some weight. Although cardio and aerobic workouts are proven to be more efficient, but resistance training is more helpful in burning fat. If you perform it before sleeping, the after-burn, while you sleep, will burn the fat.

5. Drink any sugar-free herbal tea at bedtime

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Herbal teas are the best detox drinks. There is some tea that can help you to increase your metabolic rate. Apart from losing weight, they have certain health benefits and can make you even more fit and healthy. Different herbal teas have different benefits. Cinnamon tea helps in treating inflammation and prevents bloating. Peppermint tea suppresses hunger so, you don’t eat unnecessary junk foods and snacks. And similarly, chamomile tea relaxes your nerves and boost digestion.

So, that’s about it. These are some habits that if you follow regularly before sleeping, will surely help you in reducing some extra pounds. Apart from it, there are certain health benefits too. However, these habits are not “magical” and will not make you thinner overnight. You should constantly follow these to get effective results.

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