6 Things to Do With Your Partner In Tough Times to Relax Them

When you are in a relationship, it’s your responsibility to look after your partner. Panic and anxiety attacks are very common and are a matter of concern. They can cause a huge mental breakdown for anyone. You should be concerned about your partner’s mental health, what they are going through. After all, it’s your responsibility to help them out.

Here, in this article, we are sharing 5 ways by which you can comfort your partner if he’s going through some hard time and having panic attacks quite often.

1. Be Calm Yourself.

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The first thing you need do is to maintain your cool and stay calm n’ composed. Generally, what happens, on seeing our loved ones suffering, we ourselves begin to panic. So, be patient and don’t stress. Talk to your partner and listen to them.

2. Know the reason behind their panic attacks or anxiety

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Ask your partner about the reason behind their anxiety. Ask them what they want and need. It can be a tough task depending on the situation because many people don’t open themselves in such cases. They take everything on their own and restrict themselves from sharing what they feel from others.

In situations like these, assure them that you’ll understand what they feel, and you’ll be with them so that they can open up in front of you.

3. Tell them that you’ll deal with the hard times together and it will not last for longer.

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Choose your words wisely while talking to a person who is going through a lot. Tell your partner that you will be with them no matter how hard the situation may get. Make them believe that the hard times don’t last for long, you believe them and understand everything they are going through.

When you tell someone that you understand them, it works therapeutically.

4. Take care of their health

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In situations like this, the person’s health is affected to a great extent. The reason is, they don’t take care of themselves, they quit eating, sleeping and other things. So, what you should do is to get them back to their regular routine. Help them to slowly overcome the stress. Take care of their eating habits and make sure they are having enough rest and are not sleep deprived. Calm them, make them breathe.

5. Distract their minds from what is causing them anxiety.

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Take them out of their zone where they are stressing. Try to distract them by going to their favorite place. Do things that they love. Make them do all the things that they enjoy. You can plan a vacation or even a short trip with them, that’ll be a great idea.

6. Tell them to let the bad times pass by

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Tell your partner to let the hard time pass and they don’t need to fight with it.

Make them believe that, the bad times don’t last for long and everything will come to an end no matter how bad it is. We don’t need to run away from anything or even to fight with everything. We just need to remain calm and everything will fall back to its place.

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