Solve this Viral Math Equation
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Simple But Viral Math Equation Which People Can’t Agree on One Answer, Can You Solve It?

Mathematics is one such subject, which is hated by most of the people. There are very few who enjoy maths as compared to the “I Hate Maths” club.

Many of us have promised ourselves not to face mathematics ever again once after completing our graduation. But we were wrong! They say maths is everywhere, rightly said. We can never get rid of maths, even after completing our education; we have to help our siblings, then our kids, and so on.

Apart from these facts, social media plays an important role in keeping us “in touch”  with maths. Once in awhile, every time we log in to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we come across some click baits like :

“Solve this if you’re a genius” OR “Only 1 out of 1000 people can solve this” OR  “You are very special if you can solve this.” 


Under these click baits, there is nothing but simple old school maths equations. *Facepalm* What happens is, these phrases trigger the genius in us, and we jump into proving our intelligence.

One such equation that has been a topic of debate is given below:

Viral Math Equation

It looks simple, right? Solved it, already?

If not, then we challenge you to solve it right now and lock your answer. Let’s see if you pass or fail at this simple maths test!!

So, after solving the equation either you get 1  or 16 as the answer. But the question is what is the right answer among these two?

Viral Math Equation_2

The Internet is flooded with this equation with half of the people claiming the answer to be 1 and the other half arguing over the answer to be 16.

Viral Math Equation_4 Viral Math Equation_3

Viral Math Equation_5

Viral Math Equation_7

Some of the curious users even used the calculators to find the right answer and got 16 as the correct one. Meanwhile, some with extraordinary knowledge and holding the pride for their “Maths degree” are still debating for the answer to be 1. Other people, have put their hands down and settled to the fact where both the answers are correct.

Viral Math Equation_6

But nobody is agreeing upon a single correct answer. You are also confused, isn’t it??

Well, say no more!! That’s what we are here for. We will tell you the correct answer so stay here and find out.

Viral Math Equation_8

The reason for this confusion is that people are using different methods to solve this equation. They are using different rules to solve it in different orders. Either, they solve the brackets first and then multiply the resulting amount to 8 divided by two or divide 8 by 2 first, then multiply with the answer obtained from solving brackets.

Viral Math Equation_9

People are indulging in heated arguments and not agreeing on a single answer.

Addressing to this scenario, Robert Glenn Howard who is a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin—Madison, stated his opinion that these equations are similar to the puzzles and riddles and at social platforms like Facebook, people got heated after engaging themselves in solving such questions.

He said, “People are already primed to engage in pretty intense deliberations, and that can bleed over into the way they play games.”

“Humans have used riddles as a form of play since ancient times,” Howard further added. “And sometimes people can get competitive and wrapped up in it.”

Viral Math Equation_10

Oh, wait… You’re still wondering what the correct answer is??

It is 16. Yes!! The correct answer is 16.

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