Celebrities Double_Kylie Jenner

15 Celebrities Doppelganger (Double) You Would Like to Take Selfies With

I can safely say more than half of the world population admire our stars, Celebrities. We follow our favourite star so closely, be it their social media accounts, their shows, their movies, etc. Most of us even wish to meet them or at least see them in real. But celebrities are not so free to roam around on the streets as we do. There are several reasons for that, they usually are so busy in their work or avoid public places to avoid chaos.

But what if you could get to see their definite clones? Although they are not the real star you admire, but you can surely get Selfies with them. Here are such 15 Celebrities Doppelganger (Double) who look alike very similar to the original ones.

1. A popular model and businesswoman Kylie Jenner has got her double on Instagram named Kristen Hancher

Celebrities Double_Kylie Jenner

2. If they planning the sequel of ‘127 Hours’, they can consider this guy too if James Franco is too busy.

Celebrities Double_James Franco

3. Finally, someone found to be called Cute as Katy Perry.

Celebrities Double_Katy Perry

4. Well, the Spartan Warrior Michael Fassbender too has now got his double. Don’t be upset if he’s married now.

Celebrities Double_Michael Fassbender

5. The star of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ has now got her replacement if she doesn’t want to make any more sequel of the show.

Celebrities Double_Cobie Smulders

6. I must say Meghan Trainor’s double has the same beautiful smile as the original one. Isn’t it?

Celebrities Double_Meghan Trainor

7. A Popular Twilight Saga actor Taylor Lautner has too got his Doppelganger but the only problem is Gender.

Celebrities Double_Taylor Lautner

8. Next on the list is Zooey Deschanel who has got a very similar look-alike girl who even pouts like her.

Celebrities Double_Zooey Deschanel

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