Signs That Shows You Need to Ditch Your Partner and Get Out of Toxic Relationship

When it comes to relationships, no one is perfect and it is up to the two people who are involved in it to make it beautiful, meaningful, make it work. But the fact is, not every relationship works and some of them become just toxic because only one person tries to make it work while the other doesn’t even try.

In such cases, if you feel that you’re only being exploited and you’re the one who is trying to make your relationship work, and most importantly you are not happy, then you should put an end to it.

Here we are listing some desperate signs showing you need to ditch your relationship right now and free yourself from toxicity.

1. You feel you’re not good enough.

Signs You Need to Ditch Your Relationship_1

After coming into a relationship, if you start feeling bad about yourself, if you feel inferior then, this relationship is not for you.

2. You become very conscious about your actions towards your partner.

Signs You Need to Ditch Your Relationship_2

You have to do a lot of thinking before saying or doing anything to your partner because you constantly fear that your actions might make them cranky. If you constantly fear that your actions might make you lose your partner and if you can’t express yourself in front of them then it is the time to give up on this relationship.

3. You start getting advice from Friends/Family to break up.

Signs You Need to Ditch Your Relationship_3

Our closed ones notice if something is wrong with us before we even know about it. They are more concerned about us and analyze everything thoroughly. So, if your friends and family want you to break up with your partner then, it is perhaps for your sake.

4. Your partner doesn’t even try to make it work.

Signs You Need to Ditch Your Relationship_4

You’re the only one who is trying to make the relationship work. Your partner doesn’t even care and takes your efforts for granted then he is not the one for you.

5. You feel humiliated by your partner.

Signs You Need to Ditch Your Relationship_5

Mutual respect and trust are the foundation of a relationship.  If your partner disrespects you and you constantly feel humiliated then, walk out of it immediately.

6. You fear that your partner may ditch you.

Signs You Need to Ditch Your Relationship_6

You constantly fear that your partner may ditch you anytime. You feel insecure and don’t feel important in his/her life, then it is a sign you should get out of it.

7. You feel suffocated when they’re around.

Signs You Need to Ditch Your Relationship_7

You don’t feel happy like you used to be when they’re around. You feel like doing anything just to avoid them. It is because of the fact that their behavior towards you is so negative.

8. Your relationship is standing on the hope that someday your partner will change.

Signs You Need to Ditch Your Relationship_8

You’ve done every possible thing to save your relationship and now you just sit there hoping that one day everything will be alright, your partner will change and so your relationship may work. But, the fact is relationships don’t base upon hopes and you can’t wait forever. So, it’s better to walk out of it.

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