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8 Signs that Show if Your Man Really Loves You or Just Using You

Indeed, being in love and in a meaningful relationship is the most beautiful thing ever. But we can’t ignore the fact that every relationship has to go through some thicks and thins. Many people often feel insecure in their relationship. They doubt their partner’s feelings and are always in a dilemma whether they love them or not.

Most importantly, when you love someone, you expect them to love you in the same way and it is completely fine to feel that way. But sometimes, you don’t get the same love and care in return, that’s where the insecurity arises. Unfortunately, it can be a bitter truth sometimes, that the one you love is only using you for fulfilling his own desires.

Here, it becomes much important, to analyze and think about your relationship and realize if it is worth being with them. Because, after all, it’s your life and you have a full right to live happily and therefore you should definitely get rid of the toxic people.

In this article, we are listing some signs that will help you to understand your partner and make you clear whether he really loves you or if he is just using you. So read it, and give your relationship thought to make it more meaningful or give up if you don’t feel right.

Signs That Show He Loves You

1] You catch him staring at you quite often.

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Someone who loves you can’t take his eyes off you. You will often catch him staring and smiling at you with love and excitement when you’re doing your regular chores like cooking, cleaning, dressing up.

2] He always makes sure his behaviour doesn’t hurt you in any way.

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He is more aware of his habits and behaviour towards you. He always makes sure that his behaviour does not hurt you in any way. If you notice his behaviour towards you is a little different and if he is more caring then it is a good sign.

3] He doesn’t get mad even when you expect him to be.

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He will forgive you even when you expect him to be mad at you. He will not make you feel guilty for your mistakes instead he will talk to you and will advise you to never make the same mistakes again very politely.

4] You will always find him whenever you need him.

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A true lover will never let you face any difficult situation alone. He will be there with you every time you need. He will never show his back in tough times. If you have a partner who is well aware of what you are going through, what is happening in your life and constantly helping you to face every situation then you’re indeed very lucky.

Signs That Shows He is Only Using You

1] He makes you feel guilty.

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We all make mistakes and also learn from them. But if your partner always makes you realise your mistakes and make you feel guilty about it then it is not a very good sign. You will constantly feel bad about yourself and you will be compelled to think that you’re a terrible person.

2] He never lets you express yourself.

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He accuses you of arguing with him whenever you try to express yourself. He never listens to you and how you feel about a particular situation and often gets offended when you point out his mistakes. If these are the signs then you should definitely give your relationship some second thoughts.

3] He is never there when you need him the most.

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You will feel alone even when you’re in a relationship because he is never there when you need him the most. He makes baseless accuses for not being with you in your hard times. Someone who loves you will make sure he doesn’t let you face anything alone.

4] He makes you compromise every single time.

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If you’re the one who compromises every time over little things, then it is a sign he is not really in love with you. He never gets ready to settle on things you want and as a result, you have to give up on it.

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