Raw Chicken Starts Crawling Off Table
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Raw Chicken Starts Crawling on Restaurant Table [Video]

There are many abnormal events that happen around us and are quite unbelievable. What we are going to show you in this article is one such thing that will make you cringe. So, keep reading and check it out yourself.

We are talking about a video that has gone viral on social media in which a raw chicken becomes alive and starts crawling off the restaurant table. Don’t believe us? Watch it yourself!!

The video was recorded by a Facebook user named Rie Phillips, and it went viral with more than 10 million views. On checking Phillips’ facebook account, it is found that she is from Florida.

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However, there is no clue as to from which place the video has been recorded but because there are some chopsticks on the restaurant table in that video, it hints that it must be some Asian country like China, Japan or Korea or something where people eat with chopsticks.

The video got mixed responses, while some viewers said that it is a fake video and the chicken must’ve moved with the help of a string, some stated that the chicken doesn’t come to life but the movements were caused the nerve endings that haven’t been cut down. Meanwhile, some people pointed out that it’s not a chicken in that video but some different animal.

As for now, the video has been shared multiple times and is flooded with likes and comments. It has got over 10.5 million views till now.

Many people who watched the video have different views. One of the viewers stated, “Muscles contract when salt or any stimulant like it is present, much like how worms start to go crazy after you put some salt in there.”

Meanwhile, some other user said, “I have no idea ‘wtf’ that is but it’s moving because the nerves are still active and basically twitching. This is the same scenario with some fish when fresh, they tend to contract so it looks as if they’re still alive even though they’re already bisected.”

But most of the people are baffled and got cringed after watching the video and said a singlephrase, “I’m mindblown. This looks crazy. I’m glad I’m not her.”

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