Safe places for woman to visit solo

10 Best Places For Women To Travel Solo

“To Travel Is To Live” – Nicolas Zangenberg

Somebody rightly said that when you explore and see the world, it lets you modest and makes you realize what a tiny place you occupy in this world. It is the most beautiful thing as you explore new places, people, culture and all of that add to your experiences, memories and most importantly it changes the way you think. You step out your own little world and see through the other perspectives.

Traveling with friends and family is fun but sometimes we need to retain ourselves, from the regular life where we are just juggling here and there to fulfill our never-ending wishlist. Everyone deserves some quality time with himself/herself and take a break from life and solo travel is the best idea and everyone should experience it at least once in a lifetime.

When it comes to solo travel, women hesitate a bit worrying about a lot of aspects of stepping out in a foreign land. So, if you’ve made your mind for solo travel, but worried about the places then this article is for you. With a little knowledge and planning, you can have the best time in solo travel.

Here in this article, I have listed some of the best places that are perfect for a woman to travel solo without having to worry about anything, be it their safety in a foreign land, the culture or some other aspect.

So, gear up, take a break, select a destination, do a little planning, pack your bags and get ready to have a lifetime experience!

10 Best Places for a Woman to Travel Solo

1.Barcelona, Spain

10 Best Places For Women To Travel Solo_ Barcelona spain

Barcelona is a great city for solo travel. You just need a map and the city is very walkable. The city is full of life, you can wander through various places like Gaudi-designed Park Guell, Las Ramblas for window shopping, beach boardwalk, etc. There are great dining options for travellers like waterfront paella restaurants and some amazing tapas bars.

2. Seattle

10 Best Places For Women To Travel Solo_Seattle

Seattle is famous for its coffee culture and solo diners. The beauty of this city is you will never feel alone. Another great thing is, there is a rest stop around every visitable place like Pike Place Market, the funky museum of PopCultural and the Space Needle, etc. Every place is easily accessible because of the compact area. Most of the places you can explore on foot and for the farther places you can easily travel by using link light rail.

3. Munich, Germany

10 Best Places For Women To Travel Solo_Munich Germany

Germans are the best hosts. The locals in Germany gives a warm welcome to the tourists. They are so jolly that you will easily mix up with them in no time. Just go and grab a pint at Biergarten or try some hot gluhwein from the Christmas markets. You will make many friends at the bars over their traditional drinks and well they can give you recommendations as well.

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia

10 Best Places For Women To Travel Solo_Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatian Tourism is getting much likeness over recent years. The reason for this is the low crime rating as well as the beautiful culture. You will be definitely mesmerized by the wonderful oceanfront city of Dubrovnik which is preserved by 6,365 feet of pristine wall. Walking along the wall gives you an attractive view of the Adriatic coastline. There are various artisanal shops and local eateries to relish upon. You can indulge in various solo activities at the nearby beach like kayak and snorkeling.

5. Austin, Texas

10 Best Places For Women To Travel Solo_Austin, Texas

Austin is popular for its festival culture. You will get comfortable with the locals and the city will let you vanish all your worries and you will be enjoying their culture. If you’re a foodie then the food truck park will be a paradise for you. You can be a part of the ATX Television Festival and various concerts at X Games Austin.

6. Taipei, Taiwan

10 Best Places For Women To Travel Solo_Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is a perfect blend of ancient culture and modernity. On one hand, there are traditional night markets where you can enjoy the street foods and do some ancient souvenirs, or accessories shopping, visit temples and on the other hand, you can site high-tech buildings, malls. Another good thing is, Taipei holds the lowest crime rating. There is no language barrier as the street signage and public transportation are written in English. They have the safest metro system where “Safe Waiting Zone” boxes are available especially for female passengers during night time, which is monitored by video.

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

10 Best Places For Women To Travel Solo_Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a beautiful city full of style and modernity. You can have a tourtoNyhavn which is a gorgeous canal lined with multi-colored houses. There you can have the taste of local delicacies at Cap Horn. Torvehallerne KBH food hall down the street is a very good option for solo dining.

8. Melbourne, Australia

10 Best Places For Women To Travel Solo_Melbourne, Australia

What to say about Melbourne!! This city shines from within. According to the Economist Intelligent Unit, it is the most livable city. You have plenty of options to take part in. Have a free tourist tram for a tour to famous tourist points such as Melbourne Star Observation Wheel, Carlton Gardens, and Federation Square, etc.

9. Stockholm, Sweden

10 Best Places For Women To Travel Solo_Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a very stylish city. The charm of the city attracts solo travelers especially women. You can walk through the cobblestoned streets of old town exploring various shops, restaurants, coffee shops, castles while for the farther place, you can wander through metros. Also, the locals welcome the tourist very heartily. Moreover, it is very safe for female travelers.

10. Okinawa, Japan

10 Best Places For Women To Travel Solo_Okinawa, Japan

If you want to experience Japan then book your tickets to Okinawa and have a visit to Naha which is the capital city. You will experience the pure taste of japan with influences of American culture. Naha is a peaceful city, beautified by Naminoue beach, Shuri castle, Tsuboya pottery district, etc. The Makishi, a public market is perfect for tasting local Japanese food and also encourage solo dining.

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