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10 Things Men Find Unattractive in Women

Girls and women do notice each and everything related to men and they notice even the slightest fault and later use it as gossip .But do men notice women and their makeup about which they don’t even have any idea .So yes they do. They do notice everything. There are some things that men find attractive .So know these things before it becomes a trouble for you. You just need to keep in mind to use good quality material and makeup to make yourself attractive.

Bad Breath and Yellowish Teeth

Bad Breath and Yellowish Teeth

Teeth are most important and noticeable part of our body. Everyone wants a good smile. Bad breath and yellow teeth will keep you away from all the fun and happiness. To avoid bad breath and yellow teethes use a good quality whitening toothpaste and toothbrush. And keep some mint and mouth fresheners with you. For a happy and attractive smile take care of your teeth and breathe.

Wrong Lip liner

Wrong Lip Liner

Lip liner should match with the color of lipstick. Lip liners play an important role in your makeup so use a lip liner that matches with the color of lip and lipstick. Avoid using dark liners because after eating, all the lipstick will fade and only liner will be visible. To look attractive use good quality products that lasts long.

Too much fragrance

Too Much Fragrance

Too much of anything is bad, right. So avoid using too much deodorants and perfumes. Perfumes express your individuality, but too much will not give a nice impression on the other person. A drop, spray of perfume and fragrance would be enough to attract your man and keep him guessing about you and your personality.

Gummed up lashes

Gummed up Lashes

It is better to not apply mascara then to apply it in a messy way. When you apply too much mascara it will gum up and it will look messy as hell. So if you want to look attractive use good quality mascara that neither smudges nor rubs off after a few hours, buy long lasting non smudge mascara. And to remove clumps use a good brush.

Intricate hairstyle

Intricate Hairstyle

Intricate and stylish hairstyles are okay for any function, party or carnival or any photoshoot .But if you wear that hairstyle normally it will not look good and men usually find it unattractive.  They prefer normal hairs which are easy to touch and simple to look in normal days. So if you carry that tough hairstyle daily, change it if you want to be more attractive.

Glitter and shimmer on eyelids.

Glitter and Shimmer on Your Eyelids

Too much glitter and shimmer looks well only when you are going in any party or function or occasionally. If you apply heavy makeup on your eyes normally then it will not look good. And only a few women succeed in applying eye shadow nicely. So the best is to avoid using it if you are not good at it.

Heavy Foundation

Heavy Foundation

Same is the case with foundation. Applying too much of foundation makes your skin look unnatural and unhealthy. Yes, foundation helps to improve your complexion and skin tone by hiding the fine lines and blemishes and pimples. But too much of everything is bad. If you will apply too much of it, it will be easily visible. So while applying foundations keep in mind to mix it thoroughly to make it look natural.

Badly Shaved Body

Badly Shaved_Body

Clean shaved body looks more attractive. Almost all the men prefer smooth and hairless skin. So make sure your entire body is shaved, clean and hairless and especially your legs and armpits. Makeup will not be helpful and useful if your Body is not clean and shaved. Hygienic body is more attractive than makeup.

Dry skin

Dry Skin

Dry skin looks very bad. Cracked heals and cracked skin are so unattractive and doesn’t looks good. If your skin is dry don’t forget to apply some good lotions and moisturizer after shower.

Public Grooming

Public Grooming

Public grooming is always a bad idea. Most of the men find it unattractive .They don’t like such women who use makeup in public. Because if you’ll do your makeup in public in front of the men then all your beauty secret will be out and they will not find you attractive. So perform all the work related to makeup at your home and don’t let anyone know the secret behind your glow.

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